Her Study for a Killer Lifetime Movie Cast, Released Date, Story 2024

The Lifetime Movie Her Study for a Killer released on January 12, 2023.

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Story of Her Study for a Killer

Ellie (played by Natasha Wilson ) helps plan her high school reunion. Her daughter found her old teacher, Ms. Meadows (played by Maralyn Facey), dead. Ellie is upset because Ms. Meadows supported her during a tough time in high school. When Ellie gets home, she sees her house was raided, and a bracelet with a scary message is there. The bracelet reminds her of high school, and she worries about her family’s safety. Bad things keep happening to Ellie’s family. She needs to find out who is using her high school secrets to hurt her family before it’s too late.

The Cast of Her Study for a Killer

1 Natasha Wilson as Ellie

Natasha Wilson is an Actress. Some of the famous roles of Natasha Wilson can be seen in Darc, Continuum, UnREAL, and Once Upon a Time. Her upcoming projects are Trust in Love and Crimson Point.

Natasha Wilson’s debut TV movie is Return to Cabin by the Lake (year 2001) and she first appeared in a TV series named Special Unit 2 in the year 2002. Read Full Biography

2 Shannon Gisela as Brooklyn

3 Tyler Courtad as Daniel

Tyler Courtad Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Girlfriend and Career

Tyler Courtad is an Actor. Some of the famous roles of Tyler Courtad can be seen in Jack Reacher, A Slice of Chicago Romance, One for the Money, and The Perfect Wedding Match. The upcoming projects of Tyler Courtad are Dr. Mania, Damsels, Nuclear LA, and Jake, the failure.

The debut movie of Tyler Courtad is Jack Reacher and it released in the year 2012.

Tyler has been an additional crew in A Resurrection and One for the Money. He has more than 9 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has done many commercial ads as well. Read Full Bio

4 Tammy-Anne Fortuin as Jasmine

Tammy-Anne Fortuin Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Husband, and Career

Tammy-Anne Fortuin is an Actress, Assistant Director, Host, TV Presenter and Producer. She has done movies and TV shows like Proesstraat, Babalas, Dying to Live, Forget Love, This Much, Silicon Caesar, Electric Easy, Repeater, Something’s Brewing, Her Study of A Killer, and Sabotaging the Squad.

Tammy started her career with modeling assignments and then she auditioned for a cooking show named Roer. She has spent around 8 years doing that cooking show. Read Full Biography

5 Jenna Michno as Averie

Jenna Michno Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Husband, and Career

Jenna Michno is a multi talented actress, writer and producer. Some of the popular roles of Jenna Michno can be seen in The Date Whisperer, Labor of Lies, Stepping into Love, and Her Study of A Killer.

The alternative name of Jenna Michno is Jenna Michno Christie. She is currently based in LA, NYC. Jenna Michno has taken acting training from reputed institutes and coaches. Read Full Biography

6 Casey O’Keefe as Tiffany

Casey O'Keefe Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Husband, and Career

Casey O’Keefe is an American Actress. She has done TV shows and movies like Love under the Lemon Tree, Mercy Christmas, A Bride’s Nightmare, Cheer Squad Secrets, Hot Take: The Depp Heard Trial, Pocket Listing, Her Deadly Sugar Daddy, Catfish Killer, Her Study of a Killer, Deadly Dance Competition and more.

Casey O’Keefe was born on 10th of April 1987 and her place of birth is Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. The current age of this actress is 36 years and her zodiac sign is Aries. The names of her parents are Julianne O’Keefe and John O’Keefe. She has a sister and four brothers. This actress is an Irish Descendant and her birth name is Casey Coggins O’Keefe. Read Full Biography

7 ReSheda D. Terry as Indigo

8 Kyla Nova as Sadie

9 Jocelyn May as Principal Trammel

10 Emily Day Blackwell as Nurse Tammy

11 Seth Allen Wright as Reunion Attendee(uncredited)

12 Thomas Copeland Jr. as Trevor

13 Maralyn Facey as Ms. Meadows

14 Kitty Bates as Waitress(as Katie Bates)

Movie Highlights

Movie Her Study for a Killer
Genre Thriller, Suspense, Crime
Network My Lifetime
Release Date January 12, 2024 (United States)
Director Marieke Niestadt
Writer Amy Irons

Where to Her Study for a Killer Watch ?

Her Study for a Killer Lifetime Movie will premiere on Lifetime Channel on January 12, 2024.

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