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Complete List of Upcoming Lifetime Movies 2024

My Lifetime Movies is one of the most extensive TV networks in the USA. Here is the list of Lifetime movies for 2024, featuring the latest upcoming releases.

Upcoming Lifetime Movies List 2024

Premiere Date Lifetime Movies Name Casts
January 12, 2024 Her Study for a Killer Natasha Wilson, Tyler Courtad, Jenna Michno, Shannon Gallagher
January 13, 2024 Girl in The Video Cush Jumbo, Tia May Watts, Kristopher Bosch, Andrew Lee Potts
January 14, 2024 The Boarding School Murder Christina Cox, Nicole Farrugia, Hannah Galway
January 20, 2024 Dying In Plain Sight Nicola Correia-Damude, Jenny Steele
January 28, 2024 My Husband’s Seven Wives Kristi Murdock, Christina Licciardi, and Adam Harper
February 3, 2024 A Mother’s Intuition Denise Boutee, Matt Cede o, Brely Evans and Tamar Braxton
February 4, 2024 A Widow Seduced Natalie Brown, Gray Powell, and Erin Agostino star
February 10, 2024 Abducted Of The Street The Carlesha Gaither Story

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Lifetime Movies List 2023

Premiere Date Lifetime Movies Name Casts
December 29, 2023 A Widow Seduced Natalie Brown, Gray Powell, and Erin Agostino
December 23, 2023 Mom’s Christmas Boyfriend  Jeananne Goossen, Zach Smadu
December 17, 2023 Merry Magic Christmas Patricia Isaac, Andrew Dunbar
December 16, 2023 A Christmas Intern Jackée Harry, Ciarra Carter, Vivica A. Fox
December 16, 2023 The Holiday Proposal Plan Tatyana Ali, Jesse Kove
December 10, 2023 Yes, Chef! Christmas Tia Mowry, Buddy Valastro, Luke Humphrey
December 09, 2023 A Cowboy Christmas Romance Jana Kramer, Adam Senn
December 07, 2023 Silent Night, Fatal Night Alex Camacho, Matthew Pohlkamp
December 03, 2023 Mistletoe Match Elena Juatco, Ryan Bruce
December 02, 2023 Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas Loni Anderson, Morgan Fairchild
November 26, 2023 Laughing All the Way Paniz Zade, Jake Epstein
November 25, 2023 Christmas at the Chalet Teri Hatcher, William DeVry
November 19, 2023 Planes, Trains, and Christmas Trees Kathryn Davis, Olivier Renaud
November 18, 2023 Christmas Plus One Emily Alatalo, Corey Sevier
July 13, 2023 A Podcast to die for Kate Miner, Matthew MacCaull
July 06, 2023 The Kept Mistress Killer Brittney Q. Hill, Alicia Leigh Willis, Ashton Leigh, Matthew Pohlkamp
June 24, 2023 Keyshia Cole This Is My Story Keyshia Cole, Debbi Morgan, Alfred E. Rutherford
June 22, 2023 My Husband’s Worst Mistake Matt Wells, Sophie Gendron, Nicole Moller
June 17, 2023 Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman Ajiona Alexus, Da’Vinchi
June 16, 2023 Pocket Dial Murder Steve Byers, Erica Anderson, Kirsten Comerford
June 11, 2023 The Pregnancy Scheme Greta Carew-Johns, Ruth Bidner
June 10, 2023 Mary J. Blige’s Real Love Ajiona Alexus, Da’Vinchi
June 04, 2023 Danger Below Deck Katherine McNamara, Jasmine Sky Sarin, Eric Bruneau
June 01, 2023 You’ll Never Leave Me Philip Boyd, Christie Leverette
May 25, 2023 Nightmare Pageant Moms Rachel Walters, Gina Simms, Brittney Q. Hill
May 20, 2023 The Man with My Husband’s Face Koko Marshall, Thomas Gipson
May 13, 2023 Maid for Revenge Kathryn Kohut, Matt Wells
May 11, 2023 The Pregnancy Promise Rachel G. Whittle, Macy Jacob, Alexandra Swanbeck
May 04, 2023 Don’t Sell My Baby Maia Jae Bastidas, Fallon Bowman, Frank Fiola, Devin Cecchetto
April 29, 2023 Road Trip Hostage Chala Savino, Veronica Ramirez, Lukas Stafford
April 27, 2023 Hidden Murder Island Andrea Bogart, Donny Boaz, Carlos Guerrero
April 23, 2023 Breaking Girl Code Revell Carpenter, Ignacyo Matynia, Katelynn Bennett, and Johnny Ramey
April 22, 2023 Her Fiance’s Double Life Olivia Buckle and Jonathan Stoddard
April 21, 2023 Secrets on Greek Row Lucy Loken, Grace Patterson, Jessica Morris, Mason Mecartea
April 20, 2023 A View to Kill For Tiffany Montgomery, Samuel Whitten
April 16, 2023 Chaos on the Farm Clare Kramer, Jake Busey, Brook Sill
April 15, 2023 Drunk, Driving, and 17 Michael Michele, Savannah Lee Smith, Xavier Pough
April 14, 2023 A Nurse to Die For Allison McAtee, Alissa Filoramo, Jeremy John Wells, Hailey Gray
April 09, 2023 Giving Hope: The Ni’cola Mitchell Story Tatyana Ali, Mikalah Reid-Beckette, Kudakwashe Rutendo
April 08, 2023 Pride: Seven Deadly Sins Keeya King, Jaime M. Callica, Thomas Miles
April 07, 2023 Infidelity Can Be Fatal Matthew MacCaull, Lanie McAuley
April 06, 2023 Murder at Blackthorne Manor Christie Leverette, Bobby Slaski
March 30, 2023 Rooming With Danger Camila Senna, Daniela Rivera
March 25, 2023 Every Breath She Takes Tamala Jones, Brian White, Tisha Campbell, Lamon Archey
March 25, 2023 Picture Her Dead Tess Cline, Kristi Murdock, Allen Williamson
March 24, 2023 Twisted Sister Mena Suvari, Mark Famiglietti, Aina Dumlao
March 18, 2023 The Hillsdale Adoption Scam Keshia Knight Pulliam, Danika Frederick, David Tomlinson
March 16, 2023 Spring Break Nightmare Kalen Bull, Grace Patterson, Mike Markoff, Lauren Faulkner
March 12, 2023 The Surrogate Scandal Luisa d’Oliveira, Matthew James Dowden
March 11, 2023 Girl in the Closet Stevie Baggs Jr., Danielle LaRoach
March 09, 2023 Her Study of A Killer Natasha Wilson, Tyler Courtad, Tammy-Anne Fortuin
March 04, 2023 Black Girl Missing Garcelle Beauvais, Noah Fearnley, Jeanette Branch
March 03, 2023 She Inherited Danger Sarah Fisher, Conner Floyd
March 02, 2023 My Diary of Lies Laurie Fortier, Brooke Maroon, Tyler Harlow
February 26, 2023 The Paramedic Who Stalked Me Andrew Spach, Lexi Minetree, Maeve Quinlan
February 25, 2023 Desperate Hours Harrison Thomas, David Conrad, Hannah Dunne
February 18, 2023 A Rose For Her Grave Laura Ramsey, Colin Egglesfield, Chrishell Stause
February 16, 2023 Who Killed Our Father? Kirsten Comerford, Devin Cecchetto, Joanne Boland
February 11, 2023 The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story Katie Douglas, Cara Buono, Kristian Bruun
February 04, 2023 Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation Jennifer Grey, Gabrielle Miller
January 29, 2023 Vacation Home Nightmare Aubrey Reynolds, Justin Berti, Yolanthe Cabau
January 28, 2023 Sherri Papini: I Kidnapped Myself Jaime King, Matt Hamilton
January 21, 2023 Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias Celina Sinden, Tricia Black
January 14, 2023 How to Murder Your Husband Cybill Shepherd, Steve Guttenberg
January 07, 2023 Reba McEntire’s The Hammer Melissa Peterman, Reba McEntire, Rex Linn
January 01, 2023 Engaged to be Murdered Sarah-Jane Redmond, Erin Boyes, Madison Smith

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Complete Lifetime Movies List 2022

Premiere Date Lifetime Movies Name Casts
The date not yet mentioned Psycho Fiancé Olivia Buckle, Jonathan Stoddard, Lindsay Hartley, Aubrey Reynolds
Sept 01, 2022 Help Wanted Sarah Fisher, Conner Floyd, Nancy Harding, Robert Peters
16-09-2022 Dying to Win Jaclyn Albergoni, Mia Dinoto, Marianne Lu, Rolland Lopez
10-09-2022 The Tryst. (aka Husband Wife and Their Lover) Nikki Leigh, Katie Monds, Kristi Murdock, Jacob Taylor
27-08-2022 Bodyguard Seduction Jessica Morris, Ross Jirgl, Ryan Francis, Alicia Blasingame
21-08-2022 Big Lies in a Small Town Rhonda Dent, Kristina Paras, Anna Van Hooft, Matt Hamilton
20-08-2022 Temptation under the Sun Annika Foster, Mike Markoff, Samuel Selman, Scott Christopher
19-08-2022 Sugar Mommy [2021] Pilot Paisley-Rose, Laurie Fortier, Shannon Timberlake, Alex McKenna
13-08-2022 In Love with My Partner’s Wife Gina Vitori, Andrew Spach, Isabella Oliveira, Jonathan Stoddard
12-08-2022 She Is Not Your Daughter Alicia Leigh Willis, Jon Briddell, Emily Topper, Katelin Chesna
07-08-2022 The Art of Passion Victor Alfieri, Jessie Camacho, Gregg Weiner, Katie Reese
05-08-2022 Lies Beneath the Surface Lelia Symington, Michael Perl, Rhonda Davis, Brad Worch II
31-07-2022 Lies Between Friends Zibby Allen, Matreya Scarrwener, Peter Benson, Hazel Bartlett-Sias
24-07-2022 Hider in My House Peter Aloisio, Alexis Baca, Taylor Berry, Roman Jacob Boylen
10-07-2022 Nightmare PTA Moms Brianna Cohen, Alissa Filoramo, Jonathan Stoddard, Hedy Nasser
02-07-2022 Jailbreak Lovers Catherine Bell, Tom Stevens, Roman Podhora, Kalyn Miles
29-06-2022 Flowers in the Attic: The Origin Jemima Rooper, Max Irons, T’Shan Williams, Evelyn Miller
26-06-2022 Ice Road Killer Sarah Allen, Erica Anderson, Zoë Belkin, Connor McMahon
25-06-2022 He’s Not Worth Dying For Robin Givens, Hilda Martin, Rachel Boyd, Lachlan Quarmby
24-06-2022 Trapped with My Husband Camille Stopps, Jacob Richter, George Krissa, Paige Evans
24-06-2022 Malicious Mind Games Laura Ault, Carly Burstein, Charles Coan, Demetria Curry
19-06-2022 Who Kidnapped My Mom? Lucie Guest, Jordan Zavisha, Linda Grass, Kelsey Flower
18-06-2022 Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story Candice King, Michael Roark, Tristan Laurence, Jackson Hurst
17-06-2022 Love Triangle Nightmare Glenda Braganza, Jeff Teravainen, Tomas Chovanec, Kelly Hope Taylor
11-06-2022 Dirty Little Secret Melissa Joan Hart, Wern Lee, Caitlin Stryker, Lizzie Boys
10-06-2022 Happily Never After Erinn Fredin, Alexis Allotta, Rich Holton, Lynne Baker
05-06-2022 Deadly Yoga Retreat Ashlyn Ani, Lisa Beck, Jonathan Bennett, Leilani Bright
31-05-2022 Here Kills the Bride Ashlee Füss, Erin Pineda, Fernando Belo, Bertila Damas
29-05-2022 Lies My Sister Told Me Nicole Marie Johnson, Kate Edmonds, Dominick Ficco, Scout Smith
28-05-2022 I Won’t Let You Go Paniz Zade, Luke Humphrey, Patrice Goodman, Amanda Cordner
28-05-2022 My Missing Sister Kelly Sullivan, Mark Famiglietti, Grace Narducci, Taylor Foster
27-05-2022 My Mom Made Me Do It Lizzie Boys, Kate Drummond, Tyson Arner, Nikki-Lee Kriszta
21-05-2022 Disappearance in Yellowstone Lucie Guest, Cassandra Sawtell, Aren Buchholz, Reese Alexander
20-05-2022 Stolen in Her Sleep Morgan Bradley, Alicia Leigh Willis, Jason Cook, Conner Floyd
15-05-2022 A Job to Die For Maeve Quinlan, Revell Carpenter, Madison Crawford, Olivia Larsen
13-05-2022 A Baby at any Cost Christy Tate, Brianna Cohen, Sarah Fisher, Johnny Ramey
07-05-2022 Bound by Blackmail Diora Baird, Taylor Blackwell, Eric Brenner, Chad Bushman
06-05-2022 Mommy’s Little Star Rebecca Amzallag, Maja Vujicic, Roderick McNeil, David Lafontaine
29-04-2022 What the Nanny Saw Revell Carpenter, Laurie Fortier, Ryan Francis, Cody Bagshaw
09-04-2022 Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons Toni Braxton, Kelly Hu, Lisa Berry, Rainbow Sun Francks
08-04-2022 Crazy Neighborhood Moms Gina Simms, April Hale, Summer Madison, Johnathan Gorman
19-03-2022 Sins in the Suburbs Austin Gage, Harvey B. Jackson, Steph Martinez, Diane Robin
18-03-2022 Drowning in Secrets Christina DeRosa, Alec Nevin, Laura Poe, David Chokachi
11-03-2022 Sinister Stepsister Annika Foster, Jhey Castles, Tu Morrow, Matthew Pohlkamp
05-03-2022 Stolen by Their Father Sarah Drew, Carina Battrick, Patrice Goodman, Tara Yelland
26-02-2022 Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez Bethany Brown, Lisa Chandler, Claudia Chen, Leo Chiang
20-02-2022 Psycho Swim Instructor Kiarra Beasley, Janet Carter, Sydney Hamm, Cj Hammond
19-02-2022 Caught in His Web Alison Thornton, Malia Baker, Emma Tremblay, Garcelle Beauvais
12-02-2022 Line Sisters LeToya Luckett, Kierra Sheard-Kelly, Drew Sidora, Ta’Rhonda Jones
05-02-2022 Single Black Female Janet Hubert, Amber Riley, Raven Goodwin, Devale Ellis
25-01-2022 Therapy Nightmares Tommie-Amber Pirie, Diana Cofini, Michael Joseph Delaney, Veronica Hortiguela
21-01-2022 Killer Ambition Tahnee Harrison, Jonathan Stoddard, Sean Kanan, Shellie Sterling
09-01-2022 Prisoner of Love Katie Kelly, James Hyde, Tiffany Montgomery, Ryan Francis
07-01-2022 Killer Stepmom Julia Terranova, Jillian Murray, Jon Briddell, D.C. Douglas
02-01-2022 Deadly Ex Next Door Tianna Nori, Jack Grinhaus, Jean Paul Najm, Brendee Green
02-01-2022 Deadly Garage Sale Aryè Campos, Juliana Destefano, Autumn Noel, Matthew Pohlkamp

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lifetime movies 2023 new release list

Trapped in the Cabin Lifetime Movie 2023

The Lifetime Movie Trapped in the Cabin released on August 13, 2023.

Story of Trapped in the Cabin

Famous love story writer, Tiffany Smith as Rebecca Collins, is having a hard time coming up with new ideas and staying focused on her book. So, an editor suggests she goes to a cute cabin in the countryside, far from any curious fans or things that could distract her. At first, there’s a small problem with the hot water, but she manages to have a sweet romance with a local handyman named Nathan (Travis Burns).

They get close pretty quickly, but then Nathan disappears, doors are left open, and someone has read her unfinished story. Rebecca starts feeling uneasy as she notices more things messed up and can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching her.

The Cast of Trapped in the Cabin

1 Tiffany Smith as Rebecca Collins


Tiffany Smith is an Actress. She has done TV shows and Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Splinter, Quantum Leap, Aloha with Love, The Immaculate Room, The Great North, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, James Blake: Say What You Will, NCIS: Los Angeles.

Tiffany Smith was born on November 29, 1982, in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, US. Tiffany is 40 years old and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Apart from being an actress, Tiffany Smith is a writer and a producer. She is the writer and executive producer of Cuz. She is the co-producer of Weird Weird Times. Read Full Biography

2 Travis Burns as Nathan Andrews


Travis Burns is one of the popular Australian actor and model, who was born on April 23, 1991 in Melbourne, Australia. He started his acting career in the year 2013 with the Tv Series SAF3, where he played the role of Chase Robertson. He his well known for his works in SAF3, Neighbours, Sunrise in Heaven, and Dreamcatcher.

3 Michael Perl as Officer Hough


Michael Perl is an Actor, Producer, and a Writer. He has done movies and TV shows like Book of Secrets, Chaos on the Farm, Picture Day, Lies Beneath the Surface, The Walls Are Watching, Aloha with Love, Ignore It, Lena and Snowball, The Festival: The Movie, The Bee, Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare.

The alternative name of Michael Perl is Michael Alan Perl and this actor was born in Los Angeles, California, US. The names of his parents are Peter Perl and Mary Perl. The name of his sibling is Stephen Perl. Read Full Biography

4 David James Lewis as Jason

5 India McGee as Maddison

6 Ann Hagemann as Mom

Movie Highlights

Movie Trapped in the Cabin
Genre Thriller
Network My Lifetime
Release Date August 13, 2023 (United States)
Director Derek Sulek
Writer Eric Durham, Derek Sulek

Where to Watch Trapped in the Cabin?

Trapped in the Cabin Lifetime Movie will premiere on Lifetime Channel on August 13, 2023.

Trapped in the Cabin 2023

My Husband’s Worst Mistake Lifetime Movie 2023

Story of My Husband’s Worst Mistake

With each passing year, Brad Collins’ devotion to his wife Amy turns into an all-consuming obsession, as he becomes more and more in charge of her. A major argument breaks out when Brad learns that Amy had an affair with a workmate, and catastrophe strikes.

The Cast of My Husband’s Worst Mistake

1 Matt Wells as Kent

Matt Wells is an actor who belongs to Canada. He has done movies like Daddy’s Perfect Little Girl, Crown, and Anchor, Bury the Past, A Date with Danger, Loving Christmas, My Husband’s worst mistake, and Scars. He has also done TV shows like Where You at Baby, In Sixty, Prison Dancer, and M3 Countdown. Apart from these, there are several other movies and TV shows to the credit of Matt Wells. Read Full Biography

2 Sophie Gendron as Jackie

Sophie Gendron is a popular Canadian actress. She has done a lot of credible work in the Hollywood industry. Apart from Hollywood, her work was also appreciated in TV-based movies. Some of her popular works are Stranger at the Door, The Perfect Marriage, Framed for Murder, The Perfect Assistant, A Lover’s Revenge, Saving Emily, My Daughter’s Secret, The Perfect Boss, Dead at 17, Wall of Secrets, The Perfect Teacher, and The Perfect Wedding.

Some distinguished works of this actress are Kaw, Mommy’s Little Boy, Maid of Honor, Guilty at 17, The Perfect Roommate, and Hotel Limbo. There are several other television-based performances to her credit. Read Full Biography

3 Nicole Moller as Donna

Nicole Moller is an Actress. She has done movies like Myths we live by, Resolutions, and Drift. Nicole has also been a part of many theatre-based productions like The Crucible, Peer Gynt, and Reefer Madness. In Rabbit Hole and Slasher, she was a stunt performer. Her upcoming TV movie is My husband’s worst mistake. Nicole Moller was born in the year 1994 and her date of birth is 28th of October. This actress was born in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). She moved to Toronto in the year 2014 and the main reason was that she wanted to attend Ryerson School of Performance. She has completed her graduation with her BFA in the field of acting. Read Full Biography

4 Sarah Cleveland as Sarah

5 Bert Cardozo as Miguel

6 Angelica Alejandro as Carly

7 Camille Blott as Lucy

8 Derick Agyemang as Joe

9 Amanda Cheung asMadison

10 Jinesea Bianca Lewis as Amy

11 Ash Catherwood as Detective Phillips

12 Scott Gibson as Brad

Movie Highlights

Movie My Husband’s Worst Mistake
Genre Thriller
Network My Lifetime
Release Date June 23, 2023 (United States)
Director Roxanne Boisvert
Writer David DeCrane, Elizabeth Stuart

My Husband’s Worst Mistake Lifetime movie 2023

Don’t Sell My Baby Lifetime Movie 2023

Going to premiere on May 04, 2023, in the USA.

Story of Don’t Sell My Baby Lifetime Movie 2023

Nicolette, a senior in high school, has been removed from home to foster homes. Nicolette swiftly sinks into despair when she knows that she is pregnant by the quarterback of the school before her kind teacher, Sandy, takes her under her wing. But after Nicolette decides against considering adoption for her child, she vanishes, and Sandy starts to fear that the soon-to-be teen mother may have been taken against her will.

The cast of Don’t Sell My Baby Lifetime Movie:

1  Maia Jae Bastidas as Brooke


Maia Jae Bastidas was born on March 18, 1998, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her mother is Colombian, and her father is of mixed Filipino and Spanish ancestry, therefore she was reared in a multiracial family. Bastidas’ exposure to various cultures, languages, and art styles as a child influenced the way she views the world via her art.

Early on, Bastidas developed a passion for the arts and frequently produced paintings and drawings. Later, she studied fine arts at the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City. She continued her education, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design. Read Full Biography

2 Fallon Bowman as Sandy


Fallon Bowman is a renowned musician, songwriter, Actress, and record producer. She is best known as the former lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the nu-metal band, Kittie, and her solo work and collaborations have demonstrated her versatility and creativity as an artist.

Bowman’s work in the music industry has garnered her widespread recognition, and her unique sound has influenced countless musicians around the world. With her unique sound, graphic design skills, and passion for animal rights, Bowman continues to be a prominent figure in the world of music and beyond. Read Full Biography

3 Gabriel Davenport as Trent


4 Frank Fiola as Mark


Frank Fiola is a Canadian actor born in the year 1988 in Ontario, Canada. Currently he is 34 years old. He Began his acting career with a television series Fatal Vows and his other well known tv series are 30 Vies, District 31, The Art of  More, The Bold Type, The Detectives, Street Legal, Blood & Treasure and more.

5 Emma Fiorante as Callie


6 Devin Cecchetto as Nicolette


 Devin Cecchetto is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like Bad Influence, Who killed our father; Danger rocks the cradle, Amelia Parker, The Parker Andersons, The Craft Legacy, and Dear Diary. Devin Cecchetto is an upcoming actress and people will get to see more of her incredible performances in the coming future. Read Full Boigraphy

7 Tonjha Richardson as Dr. Gibbs

8 Suzanna Lenir as Madeline


9 Krista Marchand as Rachel


10 Kyle Meagher as Jake


11 Lauren Saarimaki as Misty


12 Kelly Hope Taylor as Abigail


13 Thomas Vallieres as Alex

14 Puja Uppal as Claudia

15 May Dib as High School Student

16 Gina James as Vaneshz

17 Christian Paul as Detective Holmes

Movie Highlights

Movie Don’t Sell My Baby
Genre Thriller
Network My Lifetime
Release Date May 4, 2023 (United States)
Director Roxanne Boisvert
Writer Michael Perronne

Don’t Sell My Baby Lifetime Movie 2023

Christmas on Mistletoe Lake Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

The storyline of The Lifetime Christmas Movie Christmas on Mistletoe Lake:-

The story starts with the character Reilly Shore, who is an Interior Designer and plans to celebrate Christmas in an Adventurous way. So, she picks a random location on the map to make her Christmas the most memorable one. The map leads her to Quaint Hamlet of Mistletoe lake. Once she reaches the destination she came to know about the Christmas Harbor Festival, so the city is crowded and she can’t able to do her breakfast.

Then a Twelve-Year-old girl Emma helps her and asks her to stay in her Dad Raymond Mitchell’s Boat. After sometimes Reilly came to know that due to some uncertainties he is going to sell his boat and can’t able to participate in the Harbor Festival. Then Reilly came up with a magnificent plan and help’s him to renovate Mitchell’s boat. Then they all together participate in the Harbor festival and make her Christmas a most memorable one.

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The Cast of The Lifetime Movie Christmas on Mistletoe Lake:-

1 Genelle Williams as Reilly Shore


2 Corey Sevier as Raymond Mitchell


3 Kyana Teresa as Tara


4 Jane Moffat as Emaline


Hattie Kragten as Emma

Brandon Ludwig as Doug

Darrell Faria as Topher

Jackie Richardson as Barbara

Richard Fitzpatrick as Roger

Maher El Hares as Sever

Farah Foster-Manning as Party Townsfolk

Movie Christmas on Mistletoe Lake
Genre Romance, Comedy
Network My Lifetime
Release Date November 9, 2022
Director Robin Dune
Writer Robin Dune

Christmas on Mistletoe Lake Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

The Man with My Husband’s Face Lifetime Movie 2023

Story of The Man with My Husband’s Face

After a woman’s husband disappears during a kayaking trip, everyone assumes he must have drowned. But then, she catches a glimpse of a man in a crowd who looks exactly like her, starting a chain of events that exposes everything she thought she knew about her husband.

The Cast of The Man with My Husband’s Face

1 Koko Marshall as Katrina


Koko Marshall is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like Solid Rock Trust, The One You’re With, Adonis Complex, The Get-Together, Infamously in Love, Hell Fire, Twisted Fiction, I’ve Been Compromised, First Night in the New House, Tag, Homester, The Offer, Cascade, and Fiat Homo. Apart from these, Koko Marshall has done many more cinematic performances.

The online platform has no specific details about her exact place of birth, date of birth, family, and education. But it is believed that Koko Marshall’s hometown is United States and she is an American citizen. Read Full Biography

2 Thomas Gipson as Heath


Thomas Gipson is an Actor. He has done movies like Hider In My House, By Any Means, Trevor and The Virgin, Burning Lies, Trevor and The Virgin 2, Collision at Split Rock, Roxana, Sacrificial Lamb, My Radical Valentine, Home Invasion, Hollow’s Ridge, Saving Savanna, and The Transaction. Apart from these, Thomas Gipson has been a part of several other movies and TV shows.

He has studied at Seton Hall University (BS in Psychology). Thomas Gipson got admission into William Esper Studio, NYC. He got the training under Terry Knickerbocker who is a renowned acting coach. He is a Meisner-trained performer and has won several awards for his brilliant acting. Read Full Biography

3 Katie Page as Prisca

4 Steve D’Angelo as Officer D’Angelo

5 Benjamin David Dennis as Detective Felix Brand

6 Hope Everhart as Officer Everhart

7 David Horseman as Officer Horseman

8 Courtney Humphrey as Z

9 Julie Meacham as Officer Meacham

10 Noah Shelnutt as Officer Shelnutt

11 Ben Swilley as Ligotti

12 Ley Wynne as Sergeant Wynne

Movie Highlights

Movie The Man with My Husband’s Face
Genre Thriller
Network My Lifetime
Release Date May 20, 2023 (United States)
Director Danny J. Boyle
Writer Taylor Warren Goff

The Man with My Husband’s Face Lifetime Movie 2023

Six Degrees of Santa Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

The storyline of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Six Degrees of Santa:-

The story starts with the Christmas enthusiast Steph, who has created a program named Six Degrees of Santa to celebrate Christmas eve memorably. According to this program, anyone can exchange gifts with their loved ones, who were dressed like Santa Claus.

During the Programme, Steph’s gifts landed in the Hands of a Leading Entrepreneur Jason. This surprise event was later convinced that the real Santa Claus might be his soul Mate. What happens between them becomes the remaining plot of the film.

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The cast of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Six Degrees of Santa:-

1 Kathryn Davis as Harper McNevin

2 Steve Lund as Jason Sparks

3 Kimberly Huie as Pauline McNevin

4 Ainara Marin-Alleyne as Dani McNevin

5 Alex Jade as Zoe

6 R Austin Ball as Hal

7 Baeyen Hoffman as Charlie

8 Stephanie Brister as Nelda

9 Fane Tse as Valet

10 Dorian Grey as Elliot

11 Michael Brown as Derrick


Movie Highlights

Movie Six Degrees Of Santa
Genre Romance Drama
Network My Lifetime
Release Date November 12, 2022
Director Michael Kennedy
Writer Shannon Latimer

Six Degrees of Santa Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

Sweet Navidad Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

The storyline of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Sweet Navidad:-

The story starts with a character named Carmen who is a Pastry Chef. She was in an ambitious state to open her Postre shop. In a sudden circumstance, she was paired with another chef named  Jaz for a Big event.

They were paired together so that they both can learn each other’s recipes and eventually should come together with a tremendous dish for Christmas eve.

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The cast of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Sweet Navidad

1 Camila Banus as Carmen Tirado


2 Mark Hapka as Jax


3 Melissa Marty as Pilar Tirado


4 David Fumero as Victor Flores


5 Autumn Federici as Shirley Flores


6 Gerard Flores as Chef Francisco


7 Manny Streetz Guevara as Jorge


8 John D. Hickman as Chef Wesley


9 J. Santiago Suárez as Luis Tirado

10 Stephanie Matson as Anna Garza

11 Terri Hoyos as Wita Rita

12 Harrison Grant as Ben

13 Susan Ortiz as Sue

Movie Highlights

Movie Sweet Navidad
Genre Romance
Network My Lifetime
Release Date November 11, 2022
Director Brittany Underwood
Writer Cristina Boada

Sweet Navidad Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

Dancing Through The Snow Lifetime Christmas Movie 2021

Story Line of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Dancing Through The Snow

The story of this movie starts with the character named Michael Foster, who is a firefighter and the father of 8 years old girl named Lilly who is a Ballet Dancer. After a video of his and his daughter’s ballet dance routine went viral. Many girls around the turn were fallen in the dancing attributes of Michael foster.

But Michael foster was in love with Lilly’s Ballet Dance teacher Olivia. What happens between them is the remaining plot of the story.

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The cast of the Lifetime Christmas Movie Dancing Through The Snow

1 AnnaLynne McCord as Olivia

AnnaLynne McCord is one of the famous American actresses and models who works predominantly in Hollywood Television series and movies. She is popularly known for her appearance in Television series such as 90210 and American Heiress. Subsequently, she acted in more than 20+ Hollywood Films. She started her acting career in the year 2002.

AnnaLynne McCord was born on 16th July 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Her father’s name is David McCord and her mother’s name is Shari McCord. She had two Younger sisters named Rachel McCord and Angel McCord. She is still single and unmarried. Read Full Biography


2 Colin Lawrence as Michael Foster

Bianca Lawrence as Lily Foster

Candus Churchill as Anne Foster

Kheon Clarke as Noah

Lydia Campbell as Jordyn

Michelle Bardach as Jessica

Deborah Finkel as Mrs. Blake

Ryan Minaker as Dancing Firefighter

Movie Highlights

Movie Dancing Through The Snow
Genre Drama, Romance
Network My Lifetime
Release Date November 20, 2021
Director Paul Shapiro
Writer Adam Rockoff

Dancing Through The Snow Lifetime Christmas Movie 2021

A Recipe for Joy Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022

The storyline of the Lifetime Christmas Movie A Recipe for Joy:-

The story starts with a character named Carly who is a famous food Correspondent. She was sent to Angel Heights to help Grant who feels difficulty opening a diner and also she was asked to film the happenings as a Holiday special program to telecast it on Television.

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The cast of the Lifetime Christmas Movie A Recipe for Joy:-

1 Erin Agostino as Carly Hayes

2 Dillon Casey as Grant Quinn

3 Maya Misaljevic as Tess Quinn

4 Brittany Charlotte Smith as Lena

5 Cory Lee as Beth Walsh

6 Stephanie Belding as Martha

7 Oksana Sirju as Ramona

8 Deborah Tennant as Delia Hayes

9 Marcia Bennett as Marian

10 Rex Hagon as Gordie

11 Chris Tarpos as Diner Customer


Movie Highlights

Movie A Recipe For Joy
Genre Romance
Network My Lifetime
Release Date December 9, 2022
Director Graeme Campbell
Writer Kelli Crawford

A Recipe for Joy Lifetime Christmas Movie 2022