Guyviaud Joseph Biography Age, Height, Family, Career

Guyviaud Joseph is an Actor. He has done movies and TV shows like Zatima, First Comes Love, Then Comes Murder, Sister of the Groom, God Bless You, Honor Up, John Wick: Chapter 2, Touched By Grace, Half Magic, Ghost Source Zero, The Fearless Three, Recalled, Better Than My Last, Sole Kings, Supermodel, Life Through an Artist, Divorce School, The Ave, Money and Violence, Anime, The Outlier, and Snitches. Apart from these, Guyviaud Joseph has many more TV shows and movies to his credit.

Early life

The date of birth of Guyviaud Joseph is 18th of August 1980, he is 42 years old and his zodiac sign is Leo. This actor was born and raised in Elizabeth and Linden, New Jersey, and he is the middle child among his brothers.

Guyviaud Joseph studied at the Penn State University and he has a degree in Business/Marketing. The alternative name of Guyviaud Joseph is Guyviaud Jospeh and his brother’s name is David Joseph.

He has got the training from Dick Caram (Theatrical Director) and learnt about The Suzuki Method.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Guyviaud Joseph can be seen in Red Dead Redemption II, Harlem, Zatima, Divorce School, and Power. He has some upcoming projects and their names are Red Dot, First Comes Love, Then Comes Murder, East, and Abaddon.

Apart from being an actor, Guyviaud Joseph is a producer and a director. He has produced works like Fifteen, Allergic to Cats, Do What He Wants, The Township, The Will to Want, Heartfelt etc. He is the first assistant director of Silver Lining, Love Language, and Wouldn’t Mean Nuthin’.

Guyviaud Joseph has won several awards. Some of them are like the Best Actor in a Drama Award for The Main Event, Best Actor – Medium Short Award for Home at War, Best Pilot Award for Divorce School, Best Web Series Award for Divorce School, Best Short Film Award for Loreen’s Gotta Boogie and Best Short Film Award for P.O.V: Perception of Violence.

Guyviaud Joseph has been a part of various theatrical productions. After completing his college degree, he used to work at CBS News (Accounts Executive). Eventually, he realized that this wasn’t where he wanted to be. So, he decided to pursue a career in the acting field.

He has worked with reputed acting coaches like Susan Batson, Bob Krawkower, and Lesly Kahn.  Guyviaud has also been a part of several music videos. The first significant role of Guyviaud Joseph was in Unforgettable.

Interesting facts

Guyviaud Joseph’s height is 6 feet, he weighs around 190 lbs, his eye color is brown, and he is bald. In the future, this actor wants to establish an educational institution and his own production company.

Guyviaud Joseph is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He is a Haitian/American descendant. He has a dedicated website by the name He can speak English and Creole.

He knows dance forms like poplocking, afrobeats, jazz, and modern. He also knows French and Nigerian languages. His favorite sports are kick boxing, tae kwon do, boxing, football, and basketball.

Guyviaud Joseph likes to rap and he can also play drums. This actor has done an intermediate course in weapon training.

Guyviaud Joseph Biography Age, Height, Family, Career

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