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Candace Cameron is one of the most popular celebrity American actresses especially in American Television industry. “The Full House” actress has performed in several American TV films and TV series and she has been a classic Hallmark TV Channel actress having been performed in variety of movie roles of different genres including crime thriller, sitcom, romantic comedy, teen comedy etc.

Not only is she an actress but also she is multi-faceted that Candace is a New York Times-best selling author, producer, director, judge panelist and host for American talk shows, host for award ceremonies, Entrepreneur,. Ms Cameron’s career predominantly associated with TV shows and movies as she along with her brother Kirk Cameron, who was already a well-known actor, had been into modelling for many TV commercial ads in early 20’s.

Social Media Handles

Posting on social media is simply a cup of cake for Candace Cameron as she has been proactive on sharing slices of her life experiences with her followers. Although some of her posts give feed for controversies and critics, Candace never missed to respond to her subscribers.

Facebook : 3.5 Million Followers

Twitter Followers

Instagram › candacecBure 5.8 Million Followers

Official Website  – her official Twitter announcement says the website is recently closed due to personal reasons. and Cameron has not have any mention of resuming her website in future or if this closure is temporary or permanent.


The biggest breakthrough of Candace Cameron is the “The Full House” Sitcom TV series in which she acted as “D.J Tanner” the main role across the entire series encompassing total 192 episodes in 8 seasons. The “Full House” series was  telecasted on ABC TV for almost 10 years from 1987 to 1995. As a bonus, Candace reprised the same ” DJ Tanner” role as “Tanner Fuller”, a vet in the Netflix web series ” Fuller House” from 2016 to 2020.

Ms Cameron has been active as a successful actress with consistent TV performance since 1982  for almost 30 years. She almost became staple actress since 2008 for Hallmark television with more than 25 TV movies and series as of 2021. Her Hallmark mysteries and movies as “Aurora Tea Garden” lasted 19 episodes from 2015 to 2021 and Candace Cameron is celebrated as “the Queen of Christmas” as her Christmas movies are much beloved with top premium TV ratings by her millions of fans and audiences of all ages.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Hallmark Hit list

After her super hit “The Full House” ABC’s sitcom series, Candace happened to establish a surprising and sustained relationship with Hallmark TV. Candace’s variety of character roles since 2008 have been well received by audiences in most of Hallmark TV series and movies for her millions of fans call her the queen of Christmas. Here we try to list a few of Candace’s super-hit TV films aired on Hallmark TV channel for more than 10 years.

“Christmas under Wraps” in 2014

“Journey back to Christmas” in 2016

“Moonlight and Mistletoe” in 2008

“Puppy Love” in 2012

“Let it Snow” in 2013

“A Bone to Pick” in 2013

“Just the way you are” in 2015

“Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery” in 2015

“A Christmas Detour” in 2015

“Three Bedrooms, One Corpse”: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery in 2016

“A Very Foul Play”: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery in 2016

“A Christmas Contest” in 2021

Awards and Nominations

Candace Cameron’s acting performance has been well appreciated and honored by American households for she has been nominated several times for Young Artist Award for her most-popular “D J Tanner” role in “The Full House” tv series under “Best Young Actress starring in Television Series” category. She has won “Teen Choice” award in 2016 and 2017, kids’ choice award for favorite TV female star in 1994. Candace was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award under ” Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host” category for “The View” talk show. Candace Cameron has been consecutively nominated for Kids’ Choice Award and Teen Choice Award since 2018 for the “The Fuller House” Netflix series.

Physical Features

Candace looks very elegant and beautiful at the age of 45. Her physique features 5 feet 5 inches height and 55 kgs weight approximately. Candace’s hourglass body type, blue eyes and blonde hair make her look unique and gorgeous. Her spiritual belief makes her strong mentally to face pressures from business and work fronts on social media.

Family and Childhood

45 – year – old Candace Cameron Bure was born on 6 th of April in 1976. Her birth place is Los Angels, California, U.S. Her parents are Robert Cameron and Barbara Cameron. Candance Cameron was interested in modelling and acting even during her childhood days. With her brother’s support, Cameron was able to secure modelling opportunities for several TV ad commercials. Cameron was born with three siblings namely Kirk Cameron, Melissa Cameron, and Bridgette Cameron.

Personal Life

Cameron’s husband is a Russian NHL hockey player named by Valeri Bure. Having married on June 22, 1996, Cameron and Valeri Bure has been together in a well-knit family for 25 years. Being a conservative wife and Mom of three children, Candace gives the credit of her strong family bonding to Jesus and Christianity. Cameron’s children are two sons namely Lev and Maksim born in 2000 and 2002 respectively and the eldest daughter, Natasha Bure (birth year.1998), is an actress like her mom. Cameron Bure became very spiritual after she was baptized in her mid teens.

Lesser Known Facts

Ms Cameron has once confessed about her serious illness in her early twenties, which is bulimia nervosa, a severe eating disorder.  However, She overcame her disease with the help of family support. Candace maintains intimate love relationship with her husband for the past 25 years, revealing her spicy sex life is the secret recipe for couple’s lasting happiness.

Rumors and Controversies

In November 2020, a controversy aroused on social media and News media on seeing Cameron Bure’s couple pic with her husband Valerie on her Instagram post. Yes it is controversial that her husband is seen on the pic, palming her breasts, creating embarrassing feeling among viewers. Cameron known for her weird posts and tiktok videos seems to have replied to media that the pic was very casual and funny as she and her husband happened to take the pic after a long time and her beloved hubby casually held her breasts only after attempting 10 clicks of getting a cool snap. What a reply!?

In mid 2021, in August, Candace, who has a good share of social media atrocities, again had to face online hate for her weird Tiktok video. Yes the video was really awkward in which Candace was seen dancing and lip-syncing for Lana Del Ray’s “Jealous Girl” album song, grabbing The Bible in her hand. As usual this weird Tiktok video posted on her Instagram page grabbed a lot of hate comments saying Cameron Bure was looking seductive and weird which was not acceptable with the holy Bible and was a sheer embarrassment.

After witnessing a flood of hate and critic comments, Candace didn’t wait to apologize to her fans expressing her regret for her “biblical” way of being happy though she is not supposed to be. Candace also confessed that she tried to mimic her daughter’s Tiktok video to flaunt her happiness, which actually didn’t work and seemed to end up in nonsense act. This way, Candace knowingly or unknowingly ends with her notorious social media posts, earning unnecessary hate and outrage from her viewers and followers.

At the same time, Candace never missed to fire back to any absurd comments expressing body shaming.

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