Nola Martin Biography, Age, Height, Family

Nola Martin is an Actress. She has done Movies and TV Shows like Good Wife’s Guide to Murder, Christmas in Wolf Creek, Country Roads Christmas, Some Kind of Life, Secret Santa, When Hope Calls, Jupiter’s Legacy, A Christmas Exchange, Ghostwriter, An Uninvited Guest, Mrs. America, The Give and Take, Shallow Grave, Conviction, Hannibal, Alphas, Urban Legends, The Vampire, The Imaginative Corkers, and Love in Wolf Creek. Apart from these, there are many more movies and TV shows to the credit of Nola Martin.

Early life

Nola Martin is a Canadian Citizen. She is married and the name of her husband is David Lafontaine.

Nola Martin has got the training from Ryerson Theatre School and has studied with acting coach named Larry Moss.

Nola has a lot of experience in Independent Theatrical Works and she spent a lot of time in Toronto to refine her craft.

Careers and success

Nola Martin is known for her roles in Jupiter’s Legacy, Mrs. America, Ginny and Georgia, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Nola has done a lot of commercials and some of the brands she represented are like TD, McDonald’s, and Michelob Ultra.

Interesting facts

Nola Martin’s height is 5 “71/2”.  Nola is active on Instagram and she has a dedicated website by the name

Nola Martin Biography, Age, Height, Family

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