Natalie Lander, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Natalie Lander is an Actress and a Writer. She is known for her roles in Lopez (year 2017, 6 episodes, as Rachel Naismith), 9-1-1: Lone Star (year 2020, 1 episode, as Tiffany), 13 Reasons Why (year 2020, 1 episode, as Amanda), and The Middle (years 2011-2017, 13 episodes, as Debbie).

The upcoming projects of Natalie are Meddlesome (as Poppy) and You’re Not Supposed to Be Here (year 2023, as Amy).

Early life

Natalie Lander was born on 28th of March 1983 and her place of birth is Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, US. The current age of Natalie is 40 years and her zodiac sign is Aries. The full birth name of this actress is Natalie Jenette Lander. The names of her parents are Kathy Fields (actress) and David L. Lander (actor).

Natalie studied at Aguoura High School. She has a BA degree in Theatre from Pepperdine University.

Natalie Lander married Jared Hillman in the year 2017.

Careers and success

Natalie started her acting career from a TV series named “She Spies” (year 2004, as Beach Girl). Her debut movie is “LA DJ: The Movie” (year 2004, as Michelle). As an actress, she got one of her main opportunities in Material Girls (year 2006).

Natalie Lander is an excellent voice over artist. She has given the voice for video games like Rogue Galaxy (as Kisala’s voice), Over the Hedge (as Heather’s voice), Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam (as Generic Female Skater’s voice), and God of War III (as Pandora’s voice). Apart from these, there are many more important voice-over projects to her credit.

Natalie is the writer of Goldie and Bear (years 2017-2018, 2 episodes) and Hacking High School (year 2017, 3 episodes).

Some of the popular roles of Natalie Lander can be seen in Classmates (year 2023, as Eggs), Swag Town (year 2021, as Elena), Distanced (year 2021, as Alli), 9-1-1: Lone Star (year 2020, as Tiffany), and The Middle (years 2011-2017, as Debbie).

She is also known for playing the roles of Annie in Hannah Montana, Marcy in Aim High, and Marie in Castle.

Many times, Natalie has been nominated for her voice acting in video games. Her incredible voice over talent is surely recognized in video games like World of Final Fantasy, Saints Row IV, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.

Interesting facts

Natalie Lander’s height is 5 feet; she has blue eyes and brown hair. Natalie and Brittany Ross have played the role of best friends in “The Middle”. In reality also, these two are best friends.

Natalie is the granddaughter of Edith Fellows (child actress) and Freddie Fields (producer and power agent). She is the grand niece of Shep Fields, step granddaughter of Corinna Tsopei, and the ex step daughter of Polly Bergen.

Natalie Lander got the 5th position to play Elle Woods in the reality competition “Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search of Elle Woods”.

Natalie is active on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. She has a dedicated website by the name

Natalie Lander, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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