Michael Perl, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Michael Perl is an Actor, Producer, and a Writer. He has done movies and TV shows like Book of Secrets, Chaos on the Farm, Picture Day, Lies Beneath the Surface, The Walls Are Watching, Aloha with Love, Ignore It, Lena and Snowball, The Festival: The Movie, The Bee, Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare, Scandal, Bye Bye Bernard, Sweet Valley High, Third Watch, The Bold and the Beautiful, War Torn, Vagabond, Chuck, Surviving New Year’s, Eleventh Hour, The Playboy Club, and Free Agents. Apart from these, Michael Perl has done many more movies, short films and TV series.

Early life

The alternative name of Michael Perl is Michael Alan Perl and this actor was born in Los Angeles, California, US. The names of his parents are Peter Perl and Mary Perl. The name of his sibling is Stephen Perl.

He has a BFA degree in Theatre from UCLA’s school of Theatre, Film and Television. After completing graduation, Michael Perl got a lot of good roles in films and TV series. Michael has done a lot of work in the field of theatre.

The name of his wife is Melissa Lugo. Together, they have started a production company named Burton Street Productions. Under the banner of this production house, they have produced amazing web series and several award winning short films.

When Michael Perl was in 5th grade, he used a pack of cigarettes rolled into the sleeve of his T-shirt so that he could depict the character of Danny Zuko in school play. Because of this incident, he almost got kicked out of the school.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Michael Perl can be seen in Scandal, The Bold and the Beautiful, Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare, and Sweet Valley High. He has 3 upcoming projects and their names are Edith and Harvey, Trapped in the Cabin, and Craft Me a Romance.

Apart from being an actor Michael Perl is a producer and a writer. His writing and production talent can be seen in cinematic works like In Between, Book of Secrets, and Quit.

Interesting facts

Michael Perl’s height is 6 “1” and he is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has a dedicated website by the name michaelperl.net.

Some of the special skills of Michael Perl are martial arts, playing guitar, sky diving, swimming, snowboarding, motorcycling, stage combat, and weight training.

He is skilled in dialects like different kinds of American dialects, Russian, Irish, French, British English, and Scottish. Currently, Michael Perl is based in Los Angeles, California, US.

He has union membership in SAG-AFTRA for television and film work. He is also a member of Actor’s Equity for Stage Work.

Michael Perl weighs around 185 lbs, his eye and hair color is brown.

Michael Perl, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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