Michael Fishman, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Michael Fishman is an Actor, Director, and a Producer. He has done movies and TV shows like The Conners, Tension, Roseanne, Undrafted, The Chaldean, Roseanne: Tricks and Treats, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Walker, Texas Ranger, Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home, Seinfeld, Hitz, Hey Arnold, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Jackie Thomas Show, and Little Rosey. Apart from these, Michael Fishman has many more cinematic works to his credit.

Early life

Michael Fishman was born on 22nd of October 1981 and his place of birth is Los Angeles County, California, US. The current age of Michael is 41 years and his zodiac sign is Libra.

The names of his parents are Daryl Fishman and Denatu Fishman. His mother used to be a nurse and a community college professor and his father was into the jewelry business. The names of his siblings are Matthew Fishman and Robyn Fishman and they both have been child actors.

Michael Fishman married Jennifer Brinen in the year 1999 and they got divorced in the year 2018.  Michael has 2 children with Jennifer and their names are Isabelle and Aaron.

The nickname of Michael Fishman is Fish and his full name is Michael Aaron Fishman. His family is of Jewish descent and he mostly grew up in Cypress, California.

The name of Michael’s high school is Los Alamitos High School. He has also attended Orange County School of the Arts (Musical Theatre and Technical Theatre).

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Michael Fishman can be seen in Sport Science, Seinfeld, Roseanne, and The Conners. He has one upcoming project and its name is Abducted by My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story.

Apart from being an actor, Michael Fishman is a director and a producer. He has directed cinematic works like Tension, Fish’s Call Sheet, The Conners, and he is the additional director of The Tipping Point. He is the producer of Mancha, A Place in the Field, Tension, The Roseanne Show, and many other works. He has also been the associate producer and executive producer for a lot of cinematic projects.

Michael Fishman has won several awards. Some of them are like the Best Feature Film Romantic Comedy Award for Available: A Modern Day Fairy Tale, Innovator Award for Roseanne, and Best Performance: Young Actor in a TV Comedy Series Award for Roseanne.

As an actor, Michael Fishman has an amazing sense of handing deep human emotions with perfect comedy timing. He always wanted to learn all the aspects of film making and production. This actor has worked with some of the most prominent people in the film industry and he has learnt a lot from them.

Michael Fishman is not just an outstanding actor but his skills as a director and a producer are also praiseworthy. He loves both, being in front of the camera and being behind the camera.

Michael Fishman has been a rescue diver, athlete, coach, and a bounty hunter in the past. He always had a very active lifestyle. This actor wishes to bring uplifting stories among the audiences and he truly believes in the power of community.

His role as D.J. Conner brought him a lot of fame. It is stated in media reports that he auditioned for Roseanne without any prior experience in the acting field. After seven auditions he finally got the role.

Michael Fishman’s family is multi-racial and this motivates him to create cinematic projects which are of diverse nature.

Interesting facts

Michael Fishman’s height is 5 “11” and he is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Michael Fishman has been an excellent baseball coach in the past and he even managed a Korean Team. This actor is a philanthropic at heart; he is associated with Habitat for Humanity and he often fixes homes for the underprivileged community.

Michael is a highly experienced scuba diver and in the past, he provided scuba diving classes and worked as a rescue diver. Michael performed stunts on his own in Walker, Texas Ranger.

He provides sports based coaching to the under privileged youth. He has also been an International Ambassador for UNICEF. This actor has co-founded an organization with his daughter Isabelle and its name is Altruistic Acres. It’s an organization that works for the betterment of natural environments. Michael Fishman also co-founded a social outreach charity named WeComend. This organization works for generating employment options for the underprivileged individuals and gives them a chance to access the entertainment industry.

He has graduated from iO West and this actor is an active volunteer and a spokesman for a lot of charitable organizations. Michael Fishman and Mary T. Quigley established a memorial fund for Glenn Quinn.

He adopted a son whose name was Larry and he passed away in 2020. He also adopted a daughter (Camille Spirlin) in the year 2019.

For Sport Science, he was the primary builder as well as the designer in the art department. This cinematic project was even nominated for Emmy Award (Outstanding Production Design).

Michael Fishman, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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