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Mercedes De La Zerda is a Canadian Actress, Writer and a Director. She is known for her roles in Stargate SG-1 (year 2004, 1 episode, as Kar’yn), John Tucker Must Die (year 2006, as Stoner Girl), Alpha (year 2018, as Nu), and War for the Planet of the Apes (year 2017, as Lang).


Early life


Mercedes De La Zerda was born on 20th of October 1989 and her place of birth is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current age of this actress is 33 years and her zodiac sign is Libra. Mercedes’ mother is a Swedish/Guatemalan descendant and her father is Bolivian.


Mercedes started acting at the age of 15 years. After completing her high school, she volunteered for around 18 months in Santiago, Chile. She has completed her graduation from the University of British Columbia and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Acting. She was the recipient of The Beatrice Johnson Wood Scholarship in Theatre.


Mercedes attended Miami Ad School Toronto and there she studied Strategy and Copywriting. This actress married James Greff in the year 2009.

Careers and success


Mercedes De La Zerda first appeared in a TV series named “Cold Squad” (year 2001, 1 episode, as Nanny). Then she did TV series like Much Ado About Whatever (year 2001) and Da Vinci’s Inquest (year 2001). Her debut movie is “Bang Bang You’re Dead” (year 2002) and in this movie, she played the role of a cheerleader.


Apart from being an actress, Mercedes De La Zerda is a writer and a director. She is the writer and director of H1-KA (year 2016). She has also directed a short film named “Tetragrammaton” (year 2016).


Her roles in John Tucker Must Die (year 2006, as Stoner Girl), Radio Rebel (year 2012, as Cami Q) and Hemlock Grave (year 2015, as Sophia) made her popular. She is also known for her performances in Alienated (as Nina Valdez) and Designated Survivor (as Nadia).


As per the LinkedIn account of Mercedes, she has also been a content manager at Pilothouse Digital.


Interesting facts


Mercedes De La Zerda’s height is 5 “7” and she is a Canadian citizen.


Mercedes is active on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. In the past, Mercedes completed a 2600 km cycling camping tour from Vancouver to Mexico. The journey was for around 45 days.

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