Major Dodge – Actor, Producer and Stunt Artist




Major Dodge is an Actor, Producer and a Stunt Artist. Some of the famous roles of Major Dodge can be seen in 30 Rock (year 2010, 1 episode, as Patriots Fan), Cobra Kai (2021, 1 episode, as Guard Randall), Queen Sugar (year 2021, 2 episodes, as Officer Remeieux), and Bomb City (year 2017, as Officer Denny).


The upcoming projects of Major Dodge are The Actor (as Joe), Queen of the Ring (as Biker Bob), The Senior (as Coach Schroeder), They Whisper (as Quincy Bricker), Undying (as David), Wildfire: The Legends of the Cherokee Ghost Horse (as Fred Jones), and The Neighbors Are Watching (as Detective Wilson).



Early life


Major Dodge was born on 14th of August 1978 and his place of birth is New Albany, Indiana, US. The current age of Major is 45 years and his zodiac sign is Leo. He has studied at University of Louisville and University of Indianapolis.


Major Dodge attended Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. He started his acting journey from New York Theatre and has been a part of several Broadway shows (Count Down, Rebel without a Cause, The Awesome 80s Prom, and The Set Up)


Major Dodge married Neill Skylar in the year 2009. The couple got divorced after some time. Then later on, he married Josi.


The name of Major Dodge’s son is Major Dodge Jr. and he is also an actor.


Careers and success


Major Dodge started his career from Fustercluck (as Big Squeegee) and Sex and the City (year 2001, as Runway Model). Then he did movies and TV series like Law and Order: Criminal Intent (year 2008, as Officer Hinkamp), All My Children (years 2008-2009, as Bailey, Officer Grady), Blue Collar Boys (year 2013, as Tim), and Racing Legacy (year 2015, as Zack Baker).


Apart from being an actor, Major Dodge is a producer and a stunt artist. He is the producer of The Actor, Trials to Triumph: The Documentary (year 2023), Mamakrom (year 2020), Texas High School Football (year 2019), Neon Days (year 2019), One Must Fall (year 2018), and Behold the Noose (year 2014). Apart from these movies and TV series, Major Dodge has been a consulting producer, associate producer, co-producer, and executive producer for many other projects. He has been the stunt artist in Undying, Trip and Bomb City.


Major Dodge has won several awards and some of them are like the Best Actor in a Short Film Award for Captured (year 2015), Audience Award for Texas High School Football (year 2020), Best Film Award for Behold the Noose (year 2015), Best Film Award for Bomb City (year 2017), and Outstanding Acting Performance Award for Behold the Noose (year 2014). Apart from these wins, Major has won several other awards.


Major Dodge’s contribution to Bomb City (2017) and Behold the Noose (year 2014) has been highly appreciated. In the year 2020, he did a national commercial for Safelite Autoglass and was given the tag of Safelite Hottie.


In the past, Major Dodge used to be a college wrestler and an MMA fighter. This actor has an active speaking career and he always motivates others to follow the path shown by Jesus. Major Dodge has given his voice in the new CKIN2U commercial.





Interesting facts


Major Dodge’s height is 6 “1” and his nickname is Maj. During free time, Major gets involved in activities like bass fishing, dancing, and being the coach of his son’s wrestling team.


Major Dodge is active on Instagram and Facebook. He has a dedicated website by the name


He is a member of filmmaker collaborative called “3rd Identity” (based in Dallas, Texas). Major Dodge has green eyes; he weighs around 230 lbs, and has brown colored short hair.


Major Dodge is a SAG- AFTRA eligible actor. He is an Improv Comedy Champion and some of the other skills of this actor are boxing, biking, weight lifting, wrestling, and dancing. He knows accents like Spanish, Italian, Irish, American, Australian, and Canadian.

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