Magalie, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Magalie is an Actress, Writer, Acting Coach and a Stunt Artist. She has done movies, TV shows and short films like Candy Girl, The Woodsman, Hercule, Sapphic Smoothie, Adana, Recontres, iBox: VR experience, Antithesis, Exorcism of the Dead, Fallen Angel, Indigos, Depth of Pyaar, Not A Virgin, Reel 2, Magnificat, Gel Douche, Mustacheman, Yokomeshi, Distance, An Unexpected Killer, Coherence, Residents of Arcadia, I Want it all, Love and Where to Find It, A Den of Unholy Sacrilege (And Booze!), A Million Little Things, Metempsychosis, All I Didn’t Want for Christmas, and We Need to Tell Him.

Magalie first appeared in a short film named “Candy Girl” in the year 2015 and her first TV series is Recontres (year 2017). The debut movie of Magalie is “Exorcism of the Dead” (year 2017).

Early life

Magalie is a French/Scottish/Canadian descendant. Magalie can speak English and French languages very fluently. This actress has worked all over Canada. The complete birth name of Magalie is Magalie Rouillard-Bazinet.

Magalie left Quebec at the age of 19 years and shifted to Toronto because she wanted to learn about the acting genre. She has studied Theatre at the George Brown Theatre School and her dream was to make a breakthrough in the English speaking cinematic world.

During childhood, Magalie participated in gymnastics and dance competitions. She knows dance forms like jazz, ballet, modern dance, and hip hop. She is also trained in pop vocal arts and classical.

Magalie has taken extensive level training in the acting field from reputed institutes and coaches based in LA, Vancouver and Toronto.

On the online platform, there isn’t much information about Magalie’s date of birth, exact place of birth, family, siblings, and relationship status.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Magalie can be seen in Shazam, A Million Little Things, Residents of Arcadia, and Falling. Her upcoming projects are Amish Stud: The Eli Weaver Story, Brise, The Mark, Green, Ice Cream Baby, and Fuck Boy Period.

Apart from being an actress, Magalie is a stunt artist and a writer. She has performed stunts in The Mark, Shazam and Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. She is the writer of Falling, Brise, Fuck Boy Period, Distance, and Candy Girl.

Magalie has won the Team Performance Feature Film Award and Best Ensemble Award for Depth of Pyaar.

Magalie runs her studio Artefakt. It is basically a Film and Acting Studio where she provides on-camera classes to people. She coaches upcoming as well as professional actors and helps them to get confidence for the auditioning process. Also, through this studio, she is utilizing her skills in the domains like production, direction and content creation for the big screen.

Magalie has done a lot of commercial ads and she has immense experience in the theatre field as well.

Interesting facts

Magalie’s height is 5”1” Feet and her nicknames are Maga, Maggie, Galie, and Mag.

She has a dedicated website by the name She has green eyes and copper brown colored hair. Magalie is active on Instagram and her account states that she is an actress, film director and an acting coach.

Some of the special skills of Magalie are gymnastics, rollerblading, martial arts, pole dance, snowboarding, singing, and cycling.


Magalie has taken training from reputed places like Second City, Armstrong Studios, Pro Actors Lab, The Creative Space, The Acting Corps, MDS Actors, and The Bernard Hiller Acting and Success Studio.


Magalie was a competitive gymnast in the past with more than 2 decades of experience in this field.

Magalie, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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