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Linda Gray is a popular American Actress, Director, and a Producer. She is known for her roles in Dallas (2012-2014, 40 episodes, as Sue Ellen Ewing), Star of Jaipur (1998, as Linda Trask), Oscar (1991, as Roxanne), and Dallas (1978-1991, 308 episodes, as Sue Ellen Ewing, Sue Ellen Shepard).


The upcoming projects of Linda Gray are Lil Santa’s Christmas Chronicles: Miss Santa Claus and Ladies of the `80s: A Divas Christmas (TV Movie, as Lauren Ewing).


Early life


Linda Gray was born on 12th of September 1940 and her place of birth is Santa Monica, California, US. The current age of Linda is 83 years and her zodiac sign is Virgo. The complete birth name of Linda Gray is Linda Ann Gray and the names of her parents are Marjorie Gray and Leslie Gray. The name of her sister is Betty Gray.


Linda Gray’s father used to be a watchmaker and he had a shop in Culver City, California. Thus, this actress mainly grew up in Culver City. Linda was very shy as a child and she studied at Dale Carnegie School. Later on, she attended Notre Dame Academy in Culver City.


Linda Gray married Ed Thrasher (art director and a photographer) in the year 1962 and they got divorced in the year 1983. The names of her children are Jeff Thrasher and Kehly Sloane. Her son Jeff died due to leukemia in November 2020.


The names of her grandchildren are Jack Sloane and Ryder Sloane (sons of Kehly).


Careers and success


Linda Gray’s debut movie is “Under the Yum Yum Tree” (1963, as College Girl). Then she appeared in TV series like Marcus Welby, M.D. (1974, as Patsy Grey), McCoy (1975), Holmes and Yoyo (1976, as Dr. Fletcher), McCloud (1976, as Kate, Cindy), and Switch (1977, as Alison).


Linda Gray gained popularity for her roles in Dallas (1978-1991, as Sue Ellen), Models Inc. (1994-1995, as Hillary Michaels), The Bold and the Beautiful (2004-2005, as Priscilla Kelly), Dallas (2012-2014, as Sue Ellen Ewing), Hollyoaks (2016-2017, as Tabby Maxwell-Brown), and Hilton Head Island (2018, as Eloise Beckenridge).


Linda has also given the voice of Rebecca Armistead in Starfield (video game, 2023).


Apart from being an actress, Linda Gray is a director and a producer. She is the co-producer of the TV Movie “Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges” (1994) and the director of “Dallas” (1986-1989, 5 episodes).


Linda has appeared in lots of TV commercials (nearly 400) and print ads, and she has also been a popular model in the past. Media reports state that before stepping into the world of acting, modeling was her main profession.


In the year 1981, Linda Gray was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series of Dallas. For this same series, she has been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and that too twice. In 1982, she won Bambi Award for Dallas and in 2016; she won Outstanding Performance Award and Best Actress in a Short Film Award for Wally’s Will.


This actress owns a production company and its name is “LG Productions, Inc”.


Her role as Sue Ellen Ewing (the long-suffering wife of character J.R. Ewing) in Dallas brought immense fame in her life.


Linda has also done a lot of guest roles on TV series.


Interesting facts


Linda Gray’s height is 5 “71/2”, she has light brown colored eyes and dark brown colored hair. Till date, she has appeared on the cover page of 10 magazines. The name of her agent is Jeffrey Lane.


Linda asked the producers of Dallas to let her direct some of the episodes of this series and was thus fired during the 8th season. She got her job back when Larry Hagman threatened to walk out in protest of such decision.


Larry Hagman and Linda Gray used to be best friends. Larry died in the year 2012.


Linda Gray’s legs were used for the poster of “The Graduate” (year 1967).


In the past, Linda has been the goodwill ambassador for the UN (1997-2007). Her daughter Kehly was Miss Golden Globe in the year 1997 and she has also appeared on Dallas (1978).


Linda is the aunt of Lindsay Wagner (actress).


The acting mentor of Linda is late Barbara Bel Geddes. In the year 1982, Linda was voted as the “Woman of the Year” by Hollywood Radio and Television Society.


Her sister Betty died in the year 1989. She was younger to Linda and the reason of her death was breast cancer.


Linda Gray is the mother in law of Lance Sloane (producer).


Linda is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her Twitter account states that she is an actor, mother, grandmother, and a visionary. Currently, Linda lives in Los Angeles, California.

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