Lilly Bartlam Biography Age, Height, Family, Career

Lilly Bartlam is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like Dot, PAW Petrol: Jet to the Rescue, PAW Patrol: The Movie, Detention Adventure, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, Paw Patrol: Ultimate Rescue 2 Film, The Most Magnificent Thing 2019, Snow Day: The Musical, Creative Galaxy, Creeped Out, Total Drama, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, Cry Babies Magic Tears, The Sunset Channel, and Dear Jesus. Apart from these, Lilly Bartlam has done many more movies and TV shows.

Early life

Lilly Bartlam was born on 17th of July 2006 and her place of birth is Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. This actress is 16 years old and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Lilly has 2 sisters.

The full and real name of Lilly Bartlam is Lilly Noelle Bartlam and her birth name is Lilly Nicole Bartlam.

The nickname of Lilly Bartlam is Lilly. The name of one of her sisters is Anna Claire Bartlam and she is also an actress.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Lilly Bartlam can be seen in Creeped Out, Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol: The Movie, and Detention Adventure. Her latest project is Elinor Wonders Why and it is a TV series.

Lilly Bartlam won the Best Supporting Actor Award for Detention Adventure in the year 2023. She is an immensely talented actress and has around 10 major nominations to her credit.

Lilly Bartlam has a lot of experience in portraying voice over roles in animated projects. She has also been a guest voice over artist in many movies and TV series.

Lilly made her debut in the acting world in the year 2013.

Interesting facts

Lilly is active on Instagram and Twitter. Lilly Bartlam’s height is 5 “31/2”, she weighs around 100 lbs, her eye color is blue, and her hair color is light brown.

Lilly Bartlam is a Canadian Citizen and she follows Christianity.

Lilly Bartlam Biography Age, Height, Family, Career

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