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Kelli Dawn Hancock is an American Actress. She is known for her performances in Abbott Elementary (year 2022, played the role of Gym Teacher and Nurse), The Rookie (year 2018), Star Trek: Picard (year 2020, played the role of Officer Stauss), and Shameless (year 2011).


Her latest projects are Bosch: Legacy (as Gladys Chavez), Little Angels (as Hannah) and Secrets in the Desert (as Laura).


Early life


Kelli Dawn Hancock was born on 3rd of December 1971 and her place of birth is Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The current age of this actress is 51 years and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The alternative name of Kelli Dawn Hancock is Kelli Hancock. Her nickname is Kelli.


She has a BA degree in Marketing and also an MA degree in the field of Sports Management. Kelli used to play basketball as the college level.  She has attended Ohio Northern University and California State University-Long Beach.


She married Asante Jones in the year 2004 and the couple got divorced in the year 2018.


Careers and success


Kelli Dawn Hancock first appeared in a TV series named “Pacific Blue” in the year 1999. In this series, she played the role of a Dancer and she didn’t get any credit for her part. Her debut TV movie is “The Old Setter” (year 2001) and in this movie, she again played the role of a Dancer.


Kelli Dawn Hancock gained a lot of popularity for starring in Shameless (year 2011) and her acting skills were truly acknowledged in Cheer Camp Killer (year 2020, played the role of Coach Cooper).


Kelli’s acting journey began in the late 1990s. She has appeared in numerous TV shows and has done many guest roles as well.


As per the LinkedIn account of Kelli, she is a Remote Social Media Content Creator at Girls Drawin’ Girls.


Kelli Dawn Hancock has a lot of experience in the field of social media, digital marketing, anchoring, public relations, media management, hosting, and content creation.


Interesting facts


Kelli’s height is 6 feet, she weighs around 163 lbs, and she has black eyes and brown colored hair. Kelli Dawn Hancock is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Kelli loves sports and watching cartoons. Currently, Kelli is based in Los Angeles.

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