Katharine Isabelle, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Katharine Isabelle is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like The Order, Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts 2013, Hannibal, Endgame, Supernatural, The Englishman’s Boy, Goosebumps, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Little Dog, The Arrangement, The X-Files, Friday the 13th Series, The Outer Limits, Eve of Destruction, American Mary, Ginger Snaps, See No Evil 2, Freddy vs. Jason, Torment, Another Cinderella Story, Countdown, The Green Sea, Carrie, The Last Casino, Undercover Angel, Mixed Baggage, Where We Disappear, Bones, Victims, Hostile Makeover, and The Secret Life of Zoey. Apart from these, there are many more cinematic appearances to the credit of Katharine Isabelle.

Early life

Katharine Isabelle was born on 2nd of November 1981 and her place of birth is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current age of Katharine is 41 years and her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

The names of her parents are Gail Murray and Graeme Murray. The name of her sibling is Joshua Murray (formal child actor, journalist and director). Joshua is her paternal half-brother.

Katharine Isabelle is also known by the names Katharine Isobel Murray and Katie Murray. Her name is also spelled as Katherine Isabelle.

Her father Graeme Murray is an art director and a production designer and he has won two Emmy Awards for his work in The X-Files. Katharine’s mother Gail Murray is a producer and a writer.

Careers and success

Katharine Isabelle is known for her roles in Insomnia, Freddy vs. Jason, American Mary, and Ginger Snaps. She has 2 upcoming projects and their names are The Galactic Ghoul and It’s A Wonderful Knife.

Katharine Isabelle has won several awards and some of them are like The Best Guest Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series Award for Motive, Best Ensemble Cast Award for How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, Best Actress Award for American Mary, and Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Mini Series Award for The Englishman’s Boy. Apart from these, she has won several other awards too.

Katharine Isabelle is a highly skilled actress. She has appeared in a lot of horror films and also as a guest star in movies and TV shows. She has done many independent films and short films.

Interesting facts

Katharine Isabelle’s height is 5 “5”, she has a husky voice and her nickname is Katie. Katharine is active on Instagram and Twitter and currently, she is single.

Katharine Isabelle has always refused to do nude scenes in cinematic projects.

She has worked with her brother Joshua in Knight Moves, Cold Front, and The Last Winner. Katharine Isabelle’s favorite movie is Apocalypse Now. Many people consider her as a modern day Scream Queen.

She was considered for the role of Rogue in X-Men but she couldn’t grab this opportunity. She has acted a lot in the horror genre but in real life she is afraid of the sight of blood. This actress has a massive fear related to the ocean and spiders.

The inspirations of this actress are Leslie Howard and Bette Davis. Katharine Isabelle doesn’t like watching her own shows or films. She has an allergy related to horses but still she enjoys horseback riding. Whenever Katharine is near a horse, she wears a face mask.

In the year 2003, Katharine Isabelle faced some major health issues. She had a very severe viral infection that affected her lungs and kidneys. She even went into the state of coma and a ventilator was used to keep her alive.

Katharine Isabelle originally gave the audition for the role of Lori in Freddy vs. Jason but the director wanted her to play Gibb. She accepted the role later on.

Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle were born in the same hospital and they attended the same school.

At the age of 5 years, Katharine Isabelle got her first acting opportunity. Katharine has green eyes and light brown colored hair.

Katharine Isabelle, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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