Jessica Blackmore, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Jessica Blackmore is an Actress. She has done movies and TV shows like Leverage: Redemption, Five Days at Memorial, Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty, Monsters of Man, NCIS: Los Angeles, Killer in Law, Baby Obsession, The Quiet Man, Ex-Wife Killer, Wicked Mom’s Club, Dam Sharks, The Love Effect, This Day Forward, My Name is Vivienne, The Sacred, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr., Bait Shop, and Mina.

Early life

Jessica Blackmore was born on 13th of December 1986 and her place of birth is Arlington, Texas, US. The current age of this actress is 36 years and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She has a degree named Bachelor in Liberal Arts from California State University. Jessica is married and has a child.

Jessica Blackmore was raised in Orlando, Florida. The names of her parents are Brian Blackmore and Maria Blackmore. Her parents have always supported her career-based decisions. This actress gained athleticism and imagination power from her father, while her mother developed her thirst for knowledge and fierce perseverance.

Jessica Blackmore attended University of Central Florida and wanted to pursue law. But eventually, things changed and her focus shifted to the entertainment industry.

When Jessica Blackmore was in school, she worked as a background actor in the movie Sydney White. After spending a few days on the film set, she fell in love with the acting industry and thought about choosing acting as her main career.

She lived for a couple of years in Florida and grabbed roles in various student films. Then she shifted to LA and got amazing career opportunities in the acting field.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Jessica Blackmore can be seen in Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty, Not Without Hope, Mina, and Monsters of Man. Jessica has 3 upcoming projects.

Jessica Blackmore has also done various commercials.

Interesting facts

Jessica Blackmore is active on Instagram and Twitter. Jessica’s height is 5 “8”. She has a dedicated website by the name

Jessica Blackmore is an American Citizen.

Jessica Blackmore, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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