Gabriel Pranter, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Gabriel Pranter is an Actor. He has done movies and TV shows like Into the Wild Frontier, Wild West Chronicles, Mates, The Top of the Hill, Backbone of the Army, and Time Expired.

Early life

Gabriel Pranter has experience in the Performing Arts Industry. He knows a lot about theatrical works, improvisation, and public speaking.

He has a BFA degree in Theatre from University of Central Oklahoma. Gabriel Pranter is the co-founder of Red Dirt Theatre Company. His goal is to produce outstanding plays through this Theatre Company and to entertain the audiences in the Oklahoma City.

Gabriel Pranter has also worked at Starbucks and for apartment remodeling projects. He has really good communication skills and a great sense of humor.

He has also been an after school Program Leader at Think Together in Tustin, CA.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Gabriel Pranter can be seen in Trapped in the Farmhouse, Into the Wild Frontier, Sod and Stubble, and Wild West Chronicles. Gabriel Pranter has 3 upcoming projects, one is complete, one is in pre production stage, and one is in post production stage.

Apart from being an actor, Gabriel Pranter is a writer and a producer. He is the creator as well as producer of Mates.

Interesting facts

Gabriel Pranter is active on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Some media reports state that he lives in Fullerton, California, US and some say that he is based in Los Angeles.

Gabriel Pranter, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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