Erin Boyes Biography, Age, Height, Family

Erin Boyes is an Actress. She has done TV shows and movies like Engaged to be Murdered, The Week They Won, Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate, Three Days, Joy for Christmas, The Picture of Christmas, Waking Up to Danger, Love at Cedar Creek, Cranberry Christmas, Love and Glamping, The Man in the High Castle, Marrying Mr. Darcy, The Christmas Snowman, Miss Christmas, Garage Sale Mysteries, The Mistletoe Promises, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, Motive, Fruitcake, Last Curtain Call, Tabloid, Smallville, Shattered, Goblin, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Apart from these, Erin Boyes has done many more movies and TV shows.


Early life

Erin Boyes’ place of birth is Vancouver, Canada but there is no exact confirmation about her date of birth. The names of her siblings are Mariah Boyes, Brandon Boyes and Anna Boyes. Erin is the oldest among her siblings. The alternative name of Erin Boyes is Erin Kathleen Boyes.

Erin Boyes fell in love with acting when she attended a summer camp. Some media reports state that she studied at an arts school, where her main subjects were drama, vocals, and dance. Erin Boyes has a BA degree in Psychology and she has dedicated a lot of years in the entertainment industry.

Although Erin Boyes was born in Vancouver, but she mostly grew up in Delaware. She has lived in Delaware for around 18 years. Due to work commitments, Erin often travels between US and Canada. Erin Boyes has taken acting and modeling classes to refine her craft.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Erin Boyes can be seen in Married Life, Fruitcake, Miss Christmas, and I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. She has 4 upcoming projects and their names are It’s a Wonderful Knife, Sugar, Longlegs, and Jade.

Apart from being an actress, Erin Boyes is a producer and writer. She is the producer and writer of Just Desserts, Three Days and Fruitcake. She has also produced works like Jane and Nomansland.

Erin Boyes has won awards like Jury Prize Best Performance Award, Jury Prize Best Drama Award, Best Actress Award and UBCP/ACTRA Best Performer Award for Three Days.

Erin Boyes is a highly skilled actress, writer and producer. Her work has always been appreciated in national and international film festivals.

Erin Boyes is an excellent acting coach. She is the development executive at Tall Pines Entertainment. Erin has an excellent way of storytelling and she can really bring existing stories to life through her caliber.

In the past, Erin Boyes has also worked as an intern at casting agencies.

Interesting facts

Erin Boyes’ height is 5 “2” and she is active on Instagram and Facebook. Her Instagram account states that she is a mother, teacher, actor, coach, and a filmmaker.

Currently, Erin Boyes is based in Vancouver, Canada and she also spends a lot of time in LA. Dani Barker and Erin have worked together on many projects. Erin has also worked with Scott Belyea (award winning film maker).

She has a dedicated website by the name

Erin Boyes Biography, Age, Height, Family

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