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Cybill Shepherd is an Actress, Producer, Writer, and a Singer. She has done movies and TV shows like Guilty Party, How to Murder Your Husband, The Other Side of the Wind, Do You Believe, Being Rose, Kelly and Cal, She’s Funny That Way, Psych, The Client List, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Franklin and Bash, My Freakin’ Family, No Ordinary Family, Listen to Your Heart, Drop Dead Diva, High Noon, Criminal Minds, Open Window, Martha Behind Bars, 8 Simple Rules, Due East, Marine Life, The Muse, Cybill, Journey of the Heart, Baby Brokers, Telling Secrets, Which Way Home, Alice, Moonlighting, The Long Hot Summer, The Yellow Rose, Fantasy Island, Silver Bears, The Last Picture Show, and Taxi Driver. Apart from these, Cybill Shepherd has done many more movies and TV series.

The debut film of Cybill Shepherd was The Last Picture Show and it released in the year 1971.

Early life

Cybill Shepherd was born on 18th of February 1950 and her place of birth is Memphis, Tennessee, US. The current age of Cybill is 73 years and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

The names of her parents are William Jennings Shepherd and Patty Shepherd. The name of her sister is Terry Shepherd (older to her) and the name of her brother is Bill Shepherd (younger to her).

Cybill Shepherd is the middle child in her family. The name of her grandparent is Cy Shepherd. The full birth name of Cybill Shepherd is Cybill Lynne Shepherd.

Cybill Shepherd married David M. Ford in the year 1978 and the couple got divorced in the year 1982. Then she married Bruce Oppenheim in the year 1987 and they got divorced in the year 1990.

She has one kid with David and the name of the child is Clementine Ford. She has 2 children with Bruce, they are twins, and their names are Cyrus Zachariah Shepherd-Oppenheim and Molly Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim.

Her mother used to be a homemaker and her father was a small business owner. The first two letters in Cybill’s name are taken from her grandfather’s name and the next letters are taken from her father’s name.

Cybill Shepherd has studied at the Memphis East (TN) High School. She is also the alumna of Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Cybill has attended institutions like Hunter College, College of New Rochelle, University of Southern California, and New York University.

Cybill Shepherd started her career at a very young age by entering into the field of modeling. In the year 1966, she won Miss Teenage Memphis contest and in the year 1968, she won Model of the Year Contest. Very soon, Cybill became a popular fashion icon and was seen on the cover pages of numerous magazines. She even became the spokesperson for L’Oreal.

Orson Welles advised Cybill to try her caliber in the field of acting and before that, Cybill Shepherd was studying Opera.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Cybill Shepherd can be seen in Taxi Driver, The Last Picture Show, Moonlighting, and Cybill. She has one upcoming project and its name is A Beating Heart.

Apart from being an actress, Cybill Shepherd is a producer and a writer. Her writing talent can be seen in Memphis and Cybill. She is the producer of A Beating Heart and Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. She is the executive producer of Being Rose, Cybill, Stormy Weathers, and Memphis.

Cybill Shepherd has won many awards. Some of them are like the Golden Gate Award, Best Supporting Actress Award for Listen to Your Heart, Frontier Award for The Last Picture Show, Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical Award for Cybill, Best Performance by an Actress in a TV series – Comedy or Musical for Moonlighting, and People’s Choice Award for being the Favorite Female TV Performer. This is just a very small hint about Cybill Shepherd’s achievements. In total she has won around 13 major awards and there are 15 nominations to her credit (4 nominations are for Primetime Emmy Awards).

For her outstanding performance in Cybill, she was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards. She has also won Golden Globe Award for her performances in Cybill and Moonlighting. She is the Winner of 1988 Star on the Walk of Fame.

Cybill Shepherd has done a lot of TV commercials and print ads. She appeared in commercials for National Airlines, Mercedes Benz, L’Oreal products, Cover Girl Makeup, and for many other reputed brands. Cybill has also appeared in a lot of albums.

Her publicity listings include 2 biographical movies and she has appeared on the cover page of 69 magazines.

Till date, Cybill Shepherd has done many influential roles and surely, her acting skills are top-notch. When Cybill Shepherd was expecting her first child with Clementine Ford, she took a break from the acting world. Then, she returned to the cinematic industry in the year 1983.

Cybill Shepherd has recorded many different kinds of jazz albums. In The L Word, Cybill Shepherd has played the role of mother of her real life daughter, Clementine.

Cybill has also worked in many regional theatre productions.

Interesting facts

Cybill Shepherd’s height is 5 “81/2” and she loves to sing. Her salary for Texasville was 1.5 million dollars.

Cybill Shepherd is a very well known activist who often raises her voice for the issues concerning abortion rights and gay rights. She won the National Ally for Equality Award in the year 2009 (honored by the Human Rights Campaign in Atlanta).

Cybill Shepherd feels very comfortable in sneakers. While appearing for an Emmy Award ceremony she wore orange Reebok sneakers with a black gown. This action generated a lot of fashion criticism and even while the shooting of Moonlighting was going on, Cybill would often switch to her Reebok sneakers.

Cybill Shepherd stands against racism and she received a plaque from the National Civil Rights Museum.

In the past, Cybill Shepherd used to work as a fashion model, and was discovered for the film industry by the director named Peter Bogdanovich. Some media reports state that in the 1970s, Peter Bogdanovich divorced his wife so that he could be with Cybill Shepherd. At a point in her life, Cybill got treated for a serious melanoma.

She has an autobiography that starts by the name Cybill Disobedience. In her autobiography, the actress has revealed that she was envious of Bruce Willis and Christine Baranski because she couldn’t win an Emmy Award like them.

Cybill Shepherd’s parents couldn’t attend her first wedding because it took place in England. It was surely a hasty wedding because Cybil was already pregnant at that time. During her second wedding, her mother and her step dad were present. This time also, Cybill Shepherd was pregnant. Her biological father didn’t attend this wedding because of bitter differences with her mother on account of divorce.

Cybill’s daughter Clementine looks very much like her and she is a budding actress.

Cybill Shepherd’s father died in 2001, her mother died in the year 2012 and her sister Terry died in the year 2009. These 3 deaths had a very strong impact on Cybill Shepherd’s life. But her work and her kids helped her to overcome this phase.

Because of her feminist beliefs, she turned down the role of Mrs. Mott in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

Ellen Burstyn has been the acting mentor of Cybill Shepherd. In the year 2006, Cybill was inducted into the prestigious Texas Film Hall of Fame. This actress has got the privilege of being directed by 5 Academy Award Winners. Cybill Shepherd and Eileen Brennan have appeared together in 4 films.

The name of Cybill Shepherd’s grandson is Elijah Shahriari Ford-Wilcox and the name of her granddaughter is Welles Molavi Ford-Wilcox.

Cybill attended a charm school to refine her fashion quotient and in the year 1967, she was voted as Miss America Congeniality.

Her ex-husband, Bruce married Jenilee Harrison. She has a half-sister, younger to her, from her father’s second wedding and her name is Catherine Shepherd Muse. Cybill Shepherd and John Hughes share the same date of birth. Cybill is the ex mother in law of Chad Todhunter and the mother in law of Cyrus Wilcox, who is also an actor.

Cybill Shepherd lent financial support to the National Civil Rights Museum which is in her hometown Memphis.

In the past, Cybill has dated Elvis Presley, Larry McMurtry, Robert Martin, and Andrei Nikolajevic.

Cybill Shepherd has several Facebook Fan Pages by her name.

Cybill Shepherd, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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