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Christopher Sky is a talented Actor. He is popular for his roles in Road Trip Hostage (year 2023, played the role of Detective Graves), The Eric Andre Show (year 2012, played the role of Actor), Vacation Home Nightmare (year 2023, played the role of Jack), and Sin in the Suburbs (year 2022, played the role of Greg Johnson).


Some of the upcoming projects of Christopher Sky are Camp Pleasant Lake (as Mike Wilson), Porterville (as Anton), Stay Out (as Rufus Jones), Maharlika Warrior Spirit (as Rick), RSVP (as Deion Scott), Secrets in the Desert (as Deputy Graham), and Curse of Vandor (as John Miller).


Early life


Christopher Sky is multiracial and an American citizen. On the online platform, there are no exact details about Christopher Sky’s date of birth, place of birth, siblings, parents, and relationship status.


Christopher had a very tough and unstable childhood. When Christopher was born, his mother was only 15 years old. His dad ended up leaving the family and thus, his mom was the only one to raise him.


Christopher Sky studied at Carter G Woodson Elementary School and Margaret Fain Elementary School. Christopher has attended Georgia State University and SC State University.


Christopher Sky has got the training in acting from reputed places like The Neighborhood Playhouse, NY Cons. Dramatic Arts and The John Kirby Studio.


Christopher is in the age group of 20 to 35 years. This actor has faced several hardships in his life and thus, he has immense respect and passion for his craft.


Careers and success


Christopher Sky first appeared in a short film named “Another Glass” and he played the role of Gregory. His debut movie is “Marvelous” and in this movie, he played the role of Rudy.


Till date, Christopher Sky has been a part of many short films, feature films, and TV series. He is also a voice over artist and has appeared in some music videos too.


Christopher Sky has immense experience as a theatre artist. He has worked in theatre based projects like Little Brown Boys, Bus Stop, Sugar Shack Musical, and Dinner Detective Atlanta.






Interesting facts


Christopher Sky is active on Instagram. Some of the special skills of Christopher are Freestyle Dancing, Improv Comedy, Muay Thai Martial Arts, Roller Skating, Horse Riding, and Surfing.


Christopher Sky’s height is 6 feet. He weighs around 200 lbs, his eye color is brown and he has short hair (black color). Christopher has an athletic body type.


Christopher Sky knows New York Accent, Southern American Accent and General American Accent.


Christopher has got the training to handle handguns and assault rifles.

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