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Bill Pullman is an Actor, Director and a Producer. He is known for his roles in Lost Highway (year1997, as Fred Madison), Spaceballs (year 1987, as Lone Starr), Independence Day: Resurgence (year 2016, as President Whitmore), and Independence Day (year 1996, as President Thomas J. Whitmore).


Bill Pullman will now be seen in a TV mini-series named Murdaugh Murders: The Movie (as Alex Murdaugh).


Early life


Bill Pullman was born on 17th of December 1953 and his place of birth is Hornell, New York, US. The current age of Bill is 69 years and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The names of his parents are James Pullman and Johanna Pullman. The names of 2 of his siblings are Jay Pullman and Joe Pullman. He is the youngest one among 4 brothers and 3 sisters in his family. His mother used to be a nurse and his father was a doctor. His mother is a Dutch descendant and his father is a Scottish/English/Northern Irish descendant. Thus, Bill has mixed ethnicity.


The complete birth name of Bill Pullman is William James Pullman.


Bill Pullman has studied at Hornell High School. After finishing high school, this actor went for a Building Construction Program (at SUNY Delhi in New York). Then he shifted to State University to pursue a BA degree in Theater from New York College at Oneonta.


He has an MFA degree in Theatre/Directing and an honorary PHD degree from the prestigious University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Bill married Tamara Hurwitz in the year 1987 and his wife is a dancer. This actor has 3 children and their names are Maesa Pullman, Jack Pullman and Lewis Pullman. Bill Pullman’s daughter Maesa is a songwriter/singer and his son Lewis is an actor. His son Jack is also immensely talented. All his children have immense interest in the music field.


Careers and success


Bill Pullman first appeared in a TV series named “Cagney and Lacey” in the year 1986 and in this series, he played the role Dr. Giordano. His debut movie is “Ruthless People” (year 1986, as Earl). Later on Bill Pullman got a chance to star in Spaceballs (as Lone Starr), The Serpent and the Rainbow (as Dennis Alan), and Rocket Gibraltar (as Crow Black).


Bill Pullman has an impressive career in the entertainment industry and he is still very dedicated and passionate about his craft. He has appeared in more than 100 films and TV series.


Apart from being an actor, Bill Pullman is a producer and a director. He is the producer and director of The Virginian (TV movie, year 2000). He is also the director of Night Visions (TV series, year 2001, 1 episode).


Bill Pullman has won several awards. Some of them are like the Excellence in Acting Award (year 2017), Ensemble of the Universe Award (year 2016, for Independence Day: Resurgence), Special Jury Prize Award (year 2008, for Your Name Here), Master of Cinema Award and John Cassavetes Award (year 2008), and Television Feature Film Award (year 2001, The Virginian). In total, Bill Pullman has around 7 major wins and 6 nominations to his credit.


Bill Pullman has been a teacher at Montana State University. One of his students named John Dal later became a director and he gave Bill a role in “The Last Seduction”.


Some of the special roles of Bill Pullman can be seen in The Sinner (year 2017, as Harry Ambrose), Cold Feet (year 1989, as Buck), While You Were Sleeping (year 1995, as Jack), Casper (year 1995, as Dr. Harvey), Lake Placid (year 1999, as Jack Wells), The Sinner (as Harry Ambrose), and Bright Angel (year 1990, as Bob).





Bill Pullman has immense experience in the theatre field and he has appeared in a lot of commercial advertisements. This actor has appeared several times on Broadway and his performances have always gained immense praise from the audiences.


Interesting facts


Bill Pullman’s height is 6 “11/4”. He has worked with Kathy Bates in Curse of the Starving Class (stage production). He has immense interest in the art of building construction and has restored 3 barns in Montana.


Bill Pullman has done a lot of work for his local community. He is associated with the Cornerstone Theater and he also works for Concerned Citizens Montana, a venture that highlights the national need related to smart grid for energy transmission. He also volunteers for noble causes related to local health services and local universities.


Bill is an ambassador of MS Society and this actor is known for his gravelly voice.


In the past, Bill encountered a head injury and he went into coma for 2 days. After that, he lost his sense of smell and also the sensation in his left elbow.


Bill Pullman is a fan of Buffalo Bills. This actor is one of the members of the Board of Trustees at Alfred University.


Bill along with his wife run a charity named “Hollywood Orchard”. The organization aims at donating fruits to the families in need.


Bill Pullman is a co-owner of a ranch with his brother in Montana. This actor regrets turning down the role of Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo (year 1996). He has been inducted into the Steuben County Hall of Fame.


Peter Fonda and Bill Pullman are friends. One of Bill’s brothers is an English teacher at Ithaca High School in Ithaca.


Bill Pullman feels that Liebestraum (1991) is one of his best films and his favorite movie is Lawrence of Arabia (year 1962).


Bill is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He also has a dedicated website by the name

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