Anthony Fanelli, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Anthony Fanelli is an Actor, Producer and a director. He has done short films, videos, TV shows and movies like The Black Water Vampire, Christmas Party Conversations: Part I, Alan Jenkins: E! News Demo Reel, Knockin’ On Doors, Little Knockers, NCIS: Los Angeles, Spirits, Hotel Secrets and Legends, My Haunted House, Day of the Mummy, The Three Dogateers, How Superman Defeated the KKK, The Manager, Bree Does Comedy, The Other Client List, Spare Change, Hand of God, Scorpion, The Call, The Next Steps, One Night Stand Murder, Reasonable Doubt, Bosch: Legacy, Dangerous Snow Day, The Carducci Talent Show, Gentefied, This Is Us, Hollywood, S.W.A.T., Johnno and Michael Try, Juncture, Turnt, 13 Stories TV Originals, Kidney and Apple, Cartoon Characters, Youthful Daze, and Togetherness. Apart from these, Anthony Fanelli has done many more movies and TV shows.

Anthony Fanelli first appeared in a video in the year 2010 and its name is Alan Jenkins: E! News Demo Reel. His first TV series as an actor is Knockin’ On Doors (year 2012) and his debut movie is The Black Water Vampire (year 2014).

Early life

The alternative name of Anthony Fanelli is Anthony and he is originally from Akron, Ohio. On the online platform, there are no exact details about Anthony’s date of birth, parents and siblings.

Anthony Fanelli attended John Carroll University and he used to play football for his college team. He has a BA degree in Communication and Theater. Anthony Fanelli still holds school records on defense as well as special teams. This actor has taken specialized classes in improvisation from The Second City and iO.

The name of his wife is Arielle Fanelli and they have 2 kids, a son and a daughter.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Anthony Fanelli can be seen in The Carducci Talent Show, This Is Us, S.W.A.T., and Reasonable Doubt. He will now be seen in a TV series named “McMann and Bernstein”.

Apart from being an actor, Anthony Fanelli is a producer and a director. He is the director of Last Chance, Juncture, The Carducci Talent Show, TMI Hollywood, The Akron Holy War, Alan Jenkins: E! News Demo Reel, News in Review with Anthony Fanelli, and Worldwide News in Review. He is the producer of Monster Killers, The Carducci Talent Show, Juncture, Bedroom Window, 13 Stories TV Originals, Charlotte, Good Evening, The Sneak, Spare Change, The Call, The Clown, and The Sneak. This is just a brief idea about Anthony Fanelli’s cinematic projects. In reality, he has directed and produced many other works.

Anthony Fanelli has won many awards. Some of them are like Best Film Thrillers Award and Best Sound Design Award for Last Chance, Best Trailer Award and Best Horror Short Film Award for The Carducci Talent Show, Best Indie Short Film Award for Juncture; and Best of the Fest Award, Best Horror Short Award and Audience Award for Best Short Film for Last Chance. This is a very small list of Anthony Fanelli’s achievements. In total, he has won around 16 awards and there are 15 nominations to his credit.

Anthony Fanelli has done a lot of commercials for popular brands like Hyundai, Time Warner Cables, BP, Samsung, Old Navy, Philips, etc.

Interesting facts

Anthony Fanelli’s height is 5 “10”, he weighs around 165 lbs; he has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Anthony is one half of the Two-Man improv group (Tape Deck Grade). He has a dedicated website by the name

Anthony Fanelli is a SAG-AFTRA eligible actor. Some of the special skills of Anthony are tennis, swimming, running, MMA, basketball, and baseball. He has extensive knowledge about Pop Culture and Sports. He knows British, American, Irish, and Australian Accents.

Anthony Fanelli is active on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Anthony is a man of multiple talents. He is a video creator, editor, producer, writer, and director.

Anthony Fanelli, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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