Anna Hopkins, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

Anna Hopkins is an Actress, Writer and a Director. She has done movies and TV series like Human Trafficking, Stranger, Circle of Friends, Too Young to Marry, The Dead Zone, Killer Wave, Out of Control, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Barney’s Version, Nikita, The Grand Seduction, It Was You Charlie, Watch Dogs, Cazzette: Sleepless, Julia Julep, Girl Couch, Lost Girl, After the Ball, Defiance, Never Happened, The Flash, Ransom, Let Go, Dark Matter, Arrow, Final offer, The Give and Take, Killjoys, Bad Blood, Red Rover, Shadowhunters, Transplant, Tin Can, For the Record, Letterkenny, The Expanse: One Ship, Pretty Hard Cases, The Expanse, Underpaint, Ride, and Children Ruin Everything. Apart from these, Anna Hopkins has done many more movies and TV shows.

Anna Hopkins first appeared in a short film named “Stranger” in the year 2005. Her first TV series appearance was for Human Trafficking (year 2005) and her debut TV movie is Circle of Friends (year 2006).

Early life

Anna Hopkins was born on 12th of February 1987 and her place of birth is Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The current age of Anna is 36 years and her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

The names of her parents are Rita Hopkins and Tom Hopkins. The name of her brother is Jacob. Her father, Tom Hopkins, was a visual artist and her mother Rita is associated with the graphic designing field. Her mother is a Hungarian/Jewish Romanian descendant and her father is a Welsh/Scottish descendant. Thus, Anna Hopkins has mixed ethnicity.

Anna Hopkins has studied at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and she has a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from this Institute. She has also attended Concordia University and here she pursued Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. Anna is fluent in English as well as French language.

Anna Hopkins has got the training in hip hop dance. Anna was planning to pursue a career in dancing after completing high school, but her interest got shifted into the field of theatre.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Anna Hopkins can be seen in Bad Blood, Letterkenny, Barney’s Version, and The Expanse. Her upcoming project is a TV movie and its name is How to Win a Prince.

Her role as Lilith in Shadowhunters brought immense fame in her life.

Apart from being an actress, Anna Hopkins is a director and a writer. She is the director as well as the writer of Underpaint and The Give and Take. She is also the co-writer and creator of Girl Couch. Anna Hopkins is a really good filmmaker and her work has been highly appreciated by prestigious platforms in the cinematic world. Her work has also been acknowledged in various film festivals.

Anna has won several awards. Some of them are like the Best of Toronto Award for Underpaint, Jury Award and Audience Award for The Give and Take, and Best Original Screenplay Award for Mama of Dada. Apart from these wins, she has 5 other nominations to her credit.

Anna Hopkins is a trained actress. She knows Meisner technique and has also been guided by Larry Moss.

In video game Watch Dogs, Anna Hopkins provided the voice of Nicky Pearce.

Interesting facts

Anna Hopkins’ height is 5 “6” and she is active on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account states that is the co-owner of Danny’s Pizza Tavern and the website of this platform is accessible via

Anna Hopkins and Vanessa Matsui are good friends. Because of cinematic projects, Anna manages her time travelling between Toronto and LA.

Anna has performed in a professional hip hop dance troupe for more than 5 years. She loves singing and her favorite music genres are jazz and old country style. Her nickname is Berlin.

Anna Hopkins isn’t married yet. Her father died in the year 2011.

Anna Hopkins, Age, Height, Family, Career, Bio

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