Andrew Spach Biography, Age, Height, Family

Andrew Spach is an Actor. He has done TV shows, movies, and short films like SISKIN, I Live Here, Hidden Crimson, Bumblebee, Paper Birds, An Organized Killer, General Hospital, In Love with My Partner’s Wife, and The Paramedic Who Stalked Me.

Andrew Spach first appeared in a short film named “SISKIN” in the year 2016 and the debut movie of this actor is “Bumblebee” (year 2018).

Early life

Andrew Spach is an actor of American Origin. On the online platform, there isn’t any specific information about Andrew’s date of birth, place of birth, parents, and relationship status.

Andrew has attended Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco. He has studied with Jim Jarrett, Steve Eastin and Melissa Thompson Esaia.

Careers and success

Some of the famous roles of Andrew Spach can be seen in General Hospital, The Paramedic Who Stalked Me, In Love with My Partner’s Wife, and Bumblebee. He has 2 upcoming projects and their names are Angels of Mercy and Everyday Shit.

Andrew Spach has performed stunts in An Organized Killer.

Interesting facts

Currently, Andrew Spach is based in Los Angeles, California. Andrew has blue eyes and curly brown hair.

Andrew Spach doesn’t seem to be that active on social media platforms.

Andrew Spach Biography, Age, Height, Family

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